Barcelona Bench: 3 places to make the most of it

Sometimes when you think you have the ideal setup, you get a sudden urge to redesign and to try to get a breath of fresh air, be it because you’re tired of seeing the same layout, or because you feel it is the right time to reinvent your setup! But what should you consider in order to achieve an ideal layout redesign with ease and comfort? You should definitely make use of one of the best tools available, the Barcelona Bench! and in this entry of manhattan home design reviews, we give you 3 essential tips to, as the title says, make the most of it!

But first, let’s take a quick look at the specifics of the Barcelona Bench

Barcelona Bench
Barcelona Bench

Why is the Barcelona bench such a great tool for designers in general? it is versatile, meaning you can place it by anything in your room and it will fit accordingly. Modern, thanks to its elegant allover asymmetrical webbing design used on the seating, and the imperial-looking legs. So it is an all-around upgrade to your room

#1 – Use it to complement other furniture

Ideally, by placing the Barcelona bench by the end of a bed, you expand the seating and flexibility it can offer – The end-of-the-bed seat has gradually become a need in bedrooms! If your bed doesn’t have a footboard, a bench might serve as a unifying element and a place to put your bedding. The bedroom bench may be used as a place to sit while getting dressed in the morning or as a place to keep books.

#2 – Ally of the hallway!

It is important to remember that the Barcelona Bench is a three-seater bench and it is quite large! In a long corridor that you’re not sure how to decorate, seats work nicely because they tend to be long. You may create an eye-catching environment by placing them underneath an intriguing piece of art. Honestly, it may be one of the best pieces of furniture that you can place in a corridor or hallway!

#3 – Behind the sofa or as a coffee table!

Yes, you read that right. While the “behind the sofa” placement tends to be more commonplace in today’s trends, the coffee table use might be more unconventional, but they’re really valid! The Barcelona Bench fits really well behind the sofa because its style is really adaptable and provides an expansion of the seating and design capabilities. I would personally not use the Barcelona Bench as a coffee table, only if it is extremely necessary

And there you have it, 3 placing tips to make the most of the Barcelona Bench. There are many more tips available of course, but we decided to list three to make it easier to digest

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The Powerful and Minimalistic Style of the Florence Knoll Sofa

Mid-century modern is certainly one of the most famous and influential design waves to use in your layouts, why is that? It is because this way of furnishing and decorating your living rooms and spaces, in general, happens to be very appealing to most people due to its versatility and adaptability to the daily life of workers and homeowners in general, you can’t go wrong with it. It’s a safe choice if you’re struggling to pick a way to furnish your favorite room, but what is a good way to achieve an mcm layout with ease? The Florence Knoll Sofa! and in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews we take a deeper look at the features and benefits

What can the Florence Knoll Sofa offer you?

A lot of things! in fact, it is easier to ask what would it not give to you. This sofa brings versatility, adaptability, flexibility, comfort, familiarity, and soberness, and all of this is thanks to its design that was carefully made with these exact thoughts and features in mind! Florence Knoll decided to impress the best things about the Mid-century modern style and portray them in a beautifully done amalgamation of great features as you can see!

Florence Knoll Sofa
Florence Knoll Sofa – Midcentury 3-seater leather

Technical specifications

This specific iteration of the Florence Knoll Sofa rocks a tanned leather (kinda looking like orange) color on top of a premium top quality leather with stain protection to provide comfort and durability for a long time. Stainless steel frame as you may expect from a high-quality product. Detachable cushions so you can replace them or more easily clean them, and they also have zippers because you can never get enough options!

The designer behind it

Florence Knoll was an icon of the design world, an adept of the Mid-century modern movement, and really left an influential mark on its philosophy. After WWII, she was one of the first to introduce concepts of efficiency in the furniture and arrangement of the space, function over form, and minimal ornamentation; cornerstones of the mid-century modern style.

How to get one?

Well, everyday folks often cannot afford the original Knoll items personally, however, if you resonate with the Florence sofa or any other piece of furniture from the Florence Knoll collection, you may get it! As Manhattan Home Designs is having a Fall Sale and this sofa is one of the featured items

And there you have it, a quick rundown on the features, designer, tech details, and even how to purchase this masterpiece of modern design. Highly consider it for your layouts as it is a safe choice. Easy recommendation 

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The Egg Chair: Sensational Tool for Modern Designers

As you may know, design in general is a very complex thing. Still, when talking about home designing and decorating, there are a lot of factors and small details to consider even before starting the design process. Things like available area, objective, possible obstacles, how many people live in the house, colors to avoid… it is really a big deal! That is why professionals in the field must always be at the vanguard. One of the specific themes you can choose for your living room to be designed in is the modernism style, and one tool to make the best out of it is the Egg Chair! in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we will talk a little bit more about it and the modernism style!

Egg Chair
Egg Chair (Black fabric)

A different style, other than Mcm

Modernism, also known as art nouveau, is an art movement. The Belle Époque era, which came to an end in 1914 with the outbreak of World War I, was known for its use of Art Nouveau. It was a response to the eclecticism, historicism, and academic art of 19th-century architecture and ornamentation. A sense of vitality and movement, sometimes conveyed by asymmetry or whiplash lines, and the use of contemporary materials, primarily iron, glass, ceramics, and later concrete, to produce unconventional forms and bigger open spaces were further features of Art Nouveau.

What about the room design with the Egg Chair?

While the egg chair is mainly a furniture piece belonging to the modernism wave, you can also mix it up with the classic mid-century modern design! This chair is more expandable and adaptable than it first appears to be. Place the egg chair in your living room and be sure that it will feel in the right layout. A comfortable, full of joy, and interesting experience is easily achieved with the addition of the Egg Chair

More technical features about the Egg Chair

This particular listing of the egg chair from Manhattan Home Designs is available in two different versions, leather and fabric (also in various different colors!) so choose the one according to your specific likes.

Fire Retardant Polyurethane Foam Padding because safety and comfort go hand in hand. 360 rotation degree swivel so you don’t feel restrained, movement is important! Molded fiberglass frame as is the standard and with a polished aluminum base resistant to chipping and flaking

It is safe to say that the egg chair is an all-around chair that you can use to rest, work, and have a pleasant afternoon while reading a book. And there you have it, the modernism powerhouse that is the egg chair. Be sure to check out our other articles

Shell Chair: Design a great Mid-century Modern layout with this piece

Have you ever wondered if you could get one specific piece of furniture that could drastically shape the theme of your living rooms, guest rooms, and layouts in general? A piece of furniture that you can entirely base your setups on? The Shell Chair is exactly that! Mid-century modern is a very acclaimed style and a famous way to decorate your home or office with a proven and tested structure that feels amazing. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a look at an absolutely wonderful chair – the Shell Chair by Hans Wegner is that piece of furniture that will help you achieve that desired mid-century modern layout with ease

Shell Chair
Shell Chair combo in a beautiful mid-century modern layout

Let’s talk about some of the Shell Chair features

When designers are in the creative process, they make sure about using the best available materials to guarantee satisfaction and the best feeling possible and Hans Wegner was no expectation. The Shell Chair is expertly made with molded walnut plywood, high-grade genuine Aniline leather, or stain-free polyester fabric (depending on the chosen presentation) the combination of these materials is fundamental to the impact that the shell chair provides.

It is also important to highlight that the waterproof aniline leather upholstery is simple to clean with only a wet towel and doesn’t require any time-consuming upkeep or harsh cleaning solutions. The Shell Chair is quite pleasant to sit on thanks to its padded seat cushions and reclining angle. The sitter is placed in a special posture by this unusual curve that is intended to produce a genuinely pleasant feeling.

The mind behind the masterpiece

Hans Wegner was a designer born in Denmark. Wegner apprenticed as a cabinetmaker, and later attended the Danish School of Arts and Crafts and the Architectural Academy in Copenhagen. He grew and developed a great affinity for the organic functionalism style. In 1963, Wegner finally finished the design of what is now considered one of the most iconic and representative pieces of all of his design career, the Shell Chair, although not quite the hit at the moment of its creation, decades later, people have come to appreciate and really give the credit it was meant to have in the first place – It was quite literally, ahead of its time

And there you have it, a quick rundown of the marvelous Shell Chair by Hans Wagner – Definitely a mid-century modern piece of art that you need in order to achieve your ideal mcm layout. Check out our other articles

Womb Chair and Ottoman: A Powerful Combo for Dynamic Spaces

Finding furniture that works for home decorating and efficient furnishing purposes can be somewhat of a difficult task, so you may end up wasting a lot of resources and time in the search for a perfect fit for your living room AND wallet. One of the best options for more effective quality/price furnishing is to get a furniture combo that fits your economic, fashion, and seating needs! In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a quick look at what the Womb Chair And Ottoman combo is and why you should strongly consider getting them

Some features of the Womb Chair and Ottoman

This chair is 100% faithful to the original design by Eero Saarinen, same shape, same material quality, and same craft. With high-density memory foam that guarantees a luxurious feeling of premium quality. The steel frame is fundamental to any chair, and this Womb Chair has a polished #304 stainless steel rod base with a beautiful chrome finish for that magical sophisticated sensation that is also resistant to chipping.

Has a fiberglass shell that allows its interesting form (that brings that unique atmosphere). It is important to highlight the non-marking floor protective pads included in the package that are fundamental to preserve your floor and not leave any scratches (especially if you have wood floors!)

Womb chair and ottoman
Womb Chair and Ottoman – Red Chenille

But is it easy to assemble the Womb Chair and Ottoman?

Yes! you can easily proceed with the assembling of the Womb Chair in little over 8 minutes of work. Simple and without hassle

Let’s talk about the style of design

This chair was originally conceived at the request of Florence Knoll, she asked for a Chair where you could feel the warmth and position yourself in various ways and still be comfortable, so Saarinen went and designed this masterpiece, and hence, got the name that may throw off people a little bit at first

What style is it?

The Womb Chair and Ottoman belong to the modernist wave of design. You can place the chair along with the ottoman in your room to really give it the main vibe of a modernist-inspired room. Don’t underestimate the power that a single furniture duo can give your layouts. It is also important to say that this combo comes in a wide variety of colors and materials, this time we focused on the red chenille presentation

And there you have it, after this quick rundown of the features and everything the Womb chair and ottoman combo can give you, you should have a pretty good opinion on it and why you should strongly consider it for your setups. Be sure to check out our other articles

Barcelona Loveseat – A lovely piece full of flexibility

Loveseat is such a beautiful word that can transmit kindness and comfort by combining two already warm words, “Love” and “Seat”. Loveseats are another way to call two-seater sofas, originally got that name from the idea that a couple can share it, sitting very close together, of course, that’s not exactly the case if you’re single or live with family, because, despite the name, loveseats are for everyone and anyone looking to achieve a home layout that looks and feels like a dream, making the most out of the room available. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a look at one of the masterpieces of the modern world, the always stylish Barcelona Loveseat

Barcelona Loveseat
Barcelona Loveseat – White leather

Why the Barcelona Loveseat?

For specific backgrounds and rooms, you may just need to furnish and decorate by using tools that maximize the impact by using less space, so it is a better option to place a two-seater instead of a three-seater sofa so you can make the most out of the available space you have. And it is a great way to complete a living room aiming to be sleek and recognizable minimalist layout

What are the features of the Barcelona Loveseat?

At this point, stainless steel is a must-have in all your furniture, and the Barcelona Loveseat is no exception, featuring a sturdy steel frame for nice support and great looks. The contemporary elegance that comes with the premium leather of the Barcelona Loveseat is unmatched and will, without a doubt, be a magnet for the eyes. It is filled with high-quality padded upholstery to ensure great comfort, designed to last several generations, and be an integral part of any decorating style.

With 26 inches of Height, 51.2 inches of width, and 27.6 inches of depth, you can see the Barcelona Loveseat has the perfect dimensions if you want to place it in a compact room and don’t wanna overshadow the rest of it. Never underestimate the influence and versatility of modernist furniture in your rooms!

It is an iconic piece!

Yes, being designed by Mies Van der Rohe, the Barcelona Loveseat has that signature of design that distinguishes itself from other types of designer furniture. Delicately crafted to be one of the referential pieces of any living room. A famous piece with an even more famous background, that you will surely appreciate

After this quick rundown of features and characteristics, it is safe to say that the Barcelona Loveseat represents a safe alternative to larger sofas, without sacrificing any of the style and decorative power they offer.

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Barcelona Bench: A Design Tool with Unlimited Potential

One of the truly beautiful things about the world of home designing, decorating, and furniture in general, is the fact that creativity and innovation are welcomed with open arms, this way, designers are given a free pass to experiment with different kinds of furniture in order to find more ways to decorate and furnish bedrooms, living rooms, and spaces in general, to be improved in a certain way. In today’s entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a look at the underrated but highly useful, Barcelona Bench! A tool you may not know much about yet, but definitely will want to try out!

A bench? really?

Yes! This bench is an amazing piece of furniture that not only serves as an actual piece you can sit on but also works as an outstanding tool you might want to use in places where a chair wouldn’t fit (for lack of room, for example)

Barcelona Bench
Barcelona Bench three-seater

Where can I place a Barcelona Bench?

Basically everywhere – One of the most acclaimed features the Barcelona bench has is its adaptability and versatility of places you can put it. You can place the Barcelona Bench behind a sofa for more seating or for display reasons. You can place it in a hallway along some wall decor so it doesn’t feel so empty. It does wonders when placed in front of your bed as you can place anything on it (really useful). Honestly, the possibilities are limitless, heck, you can place it in your backyard and it would probably look good too!

So it is safe to say that finding a place to put it won’t be the issue, but rather choosing the ideal design decision for your needs and likes

Some technical features of the Barcelona Bench

As you can see, it is of quite large proportions – with a height of 14.9″, a width of 19” and an overall length of 71″, it is what you would expect from a quality three-seater bench

The design and the mind behind it

A substantial three-seater bench with ample padding and distinguishable lace tufts. The outside is covered in gorgeous, authentic Italian leather, and leather is also utilized in the fastenings that are wrapped around the frame. The seating has an all-over asymmetrical webbing pattern. A German-American architect from the 20th century, Mies van der Rowe started his work at the tender age of 15. After World War I, when he assisted in leading the modernist movement in art and architecture, his work attained widespread recognition. After years of studying and developing further, he created his Barcelona Collection, and the rest is history

After this quick run-down of the facts and a brief history of the Barcelona Bench, it is safe to say that it is one of the finest pieces of furniture you can get right now! Be sure to check out our other articles

Be Different with the Unique Egg Chair

In the search for the most elegant and professional design for our layouts, there’s the chance to lose track of what we consider important and just focus on what the most expensive and critically acclaimed pieces are, for example, you can like one specific table for your room, but the most famous one is there, really tempting you! It is fundamental to set up your designs and layouts with a clear objective in mind and with a focus on your likes, after all, you will be seeing them daily. Today, in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a look at a peculiar-looking chair, the Egg Chair – Yes, you read that right

What is the Egg chair?

This funny-looking piece was originally designed by the Danish mastermind, Arne Jacobsen himself in 1958 as part of a commissioned work by the Scandinavian Airlines System (a.k.a SAS) Royal Copenhagen Hotel, located in Denmark, and now more than 60 years after its creation, it is still a very influential piece and one of Jacobsen’s finest

Egg chair

It is surprisingly comfortable

Despite what you may think after seeing it for the first time, yes, the Egg Chair is pretty much comfortable and capable of holding out sessions of book reading, binge-watching your favorite shows, and even enjoying a little snack while having a chat. While it is not recommended to have a long sleep on it, you can be sure about its interesting design not making it uncomfortable in the slightest 

The interesting shape of the Egg Chair

As you can appreciate, the main thing going for the Egg Chair is, without a doubt, its unique and compelling design that will catch anyone’s eyes. It is a piece with a distinctive personality and will massively improve the atmosphere of any of your layouts. One thing worth highlighting about it is that many people find this particular design to be funny and joyful (that being the main reason they got it) without touching the realm of goofy clowny furniture, which is a commendable feature

Technical features

With a seat height of 14.9 inches and a complete height of 43 inches, it is a fairly large chair that you should think twice before putting it in a smaller space. It is available in a wide variety of colors like antique brown, tan, red, yellow, burgundy, and of course, black. Comes in two upholstery options, fabric, and leather, so there are a lot of options to choose from depending on your desired outcome. And we cannot forget to mention that it also features a 360-degree swivel for increased mobility and a little bit of practicality

To conclude this mini-review, we can 100% say that this amazing chair is a fantastic choice that you will not regret

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The Barcelona Ottoman | A powerful piece of furniture you need

The world of furniture has a lot of surprises in store, waiting for you to discover them and put them to good use! One of those kinds of pieces are the ottomans, a quite useful and practical piece with antique origins back to the ottoman empire. They can be large, with the capacity to store things like linen or magazines and be placed more centered in the room, or smaller and be intended to be used primarily as a footrest to complement an armchair or chair. Today, in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we will be sharing more insight, specifically on the Barcelona Ottoman and its features

The Barcelona ottoman is a design originally conceived by the great Mies van der Rohe back in 1929 and first shown in the German Pavilion at the International Exposition in Barcelona that same year. 

It is certainly a simple, but effective design that follows the same principle as its creator “less is more”

Barcelona Ottoman

Let’s talk about the features

The Barcelona Ottoman consists of a chromed resilient urethane foam and with a down-like dacron polyester fiberfill stainless steel frame in a very elegantly shaped curved X as the legs, and the cushions are upholstered in premium grade leather and filled with resilient urethane foam and with down-like dacron polyester fiberfill. As we said, it is very simple, but does its job flawlessly and with elegance

What could you use the Barcelona Ottoman for?

Honestly, a lot of things really, and that is such a great thing about the ottomans, their versatility, and adaptability. While you could put your feet on the table, it is not recommendable nor the intended use – On the other side, you can 100% place your feet on the ottoman to serve as an elegant footrest AND as a kind of small table to place other things on it, be it a smartphone, a magazine, keys, etc. You can also combine it with any other sofa, armchair, or chair to increase your comfort and resting time efficiently and maybe enjoy even more whatever you’re doing while at it! The practicality of this piece of furniture is something to never underestimate

More technical features

With an overall height of 17 inches and an overall width of 24 inches, the Barcelona ottoman has a very standard set of dimensions to ensure its use with most kinds of armchairs, sofas, and chairs

The Barcelona ottoman is, without a doubt, worthy of kings and queens, but available to everyone at Manhattan Home designs! Be sure to check out our other articles

The Florence Knoll Sofa: A Great Gem for Mid-Century Modern Fans

When talking about specific kinds of styles in furniture, it is important, in terms of knowledge, to know about the different representative pieces of said styles! Be it Baroque, Art Deco, Bauhaus, or many other ones. In this particular entry, we at Manhattan Home Design Reviews decided to take a closer look at one of the gems of the Mid-century modern style, we are talking about the magnificent Florence Knoll Sofa, a timeless piece that is still to this day, as striking and influential as the day it was first crafted.

Today we will take a look at its characteristics and features, and you will see why you should definitely get one of the gems of the mid-century modern style!

Originally designed in 1956 by one of the most influential women in architecture, Florence Knoll, the Florence Knoll sofa was Knoll’s take on three-seater furniture for living rooms and layouts looking for a sophisticated and comfortable experience that leaves users satisfied

Florence Knoll Sofa

As you can see, being a three-seater sofa, it has plenty of sitting space for a quick chat with friends or family while sharing a cup of coffee or watching tv, so it is a pretty decent choice for a family household

But what if I have children or pets in my house? No problem, because the Florence Knoll Sofa replica is made with high-quality and highly resistant leather to ensure its safety and enjoyment.

It is worth adding that in case of any unexpected high damage to the seat and back cushions, they are removable with zippers and also fireproof – It is a safe option for households

Let’s talk about the crafting process

Manhattan Home Designs follow the same crafting process and materials as the original design back then in 1956 – This is done to ensure the most authentic replica representation possible and to not alter anything from the original one.

What about the aesthetic?

This is one of the main reasons to get one – The Florence Knoll Sofa perfectly encapsulates the design philosophy of the whole mid-century modern wave, from its smooth surfaces with the exact number of curves and shapes, ideal colors to match the era, to the vibe and atmosphere it gives to any room lucky enough to have one. If you are a fan of the mcm style, this is a very recommendable sofa

It is also worth noting that it comes with a 10-year warranty and if case you were wondering, there’s no assembly required

And there you have it, a quick recap of the Florence Knoll Sofa and why it is considered a gem. Be sure to check out our other articles