3 Easy Ways to Decorate Awkward Corners with Accent Chairs | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Awkward spaces… Who hasn’t faced them? They are a common nuisance for those in charge of dealing with the decoration process. For some unexplained reason, you will always find that missing space of cohesiveness within our layout. So if you are currently experiencing this problem, don’t worry! Stay with us and let’s solve it together with easy Manhattan Home Design Reviews tips.

The key piece to avoid them: Accent chairs

Since ancient times interior designers and architects have faced challenges when founding empty-awkward corners but they have shared their best secrets to avoid them along the way. These secrets, at least most of the time, share a common key: the accent chairs.

Accent chairs are so called, not only because they allow a certain material or corner to be recounted, but in parallel to this, they embellish it and make it more functional. This is why down below we have placed some of the greatest ways of place accent chairs to eliminate lack of cohesiveness and elevate your design to exactly where you want to take it.

Create a reading corner 

Reading corners is currently part of the most popular ways to fix empty corners. The reading activity has increased since the pandemic, so having a space specialized for this action will help you to concentrate and have more pleasant readings.

You can do this through a very comfy, spacious chair with arms. Our main option for this matter is the Gabriola lounge chair. The Gabriola lounge chair has curvaceous proportions held up by a solid wood frame. It also offers some great features like sinuous spring suspension, tight back cushion, loose seat cushion with removable cover, and high-density foam with polyester fiber filling. 

Maybe the most important feature exposed by the Gabriola lounge chair is the tight back cushion and fill since when reading we will spend a few hours seat, so good quality materials and structure is a very important factor to consider. 

Set up a “coffee break” space

Coffee is perhaps our universal drink. It’s the drink we normally offer when we have guests or just when we want to take some relaxing moment. So what the most efficient way to eliminate that awkward corner while setting up a warm environment.

If you’re into this easy hack, we recommend you choose some compact, elegant, and low-height chairs in order to preserve the “coffee” atmosphere. A great example of it is the Florence armchair. This sophisticated design made by the iconic Florence Knoll is perfect to enjoy peaceful afternoons with its ergonomic structure and soft Italian leather.

Avoid boring entryways

In general, the entranceways are one of the most uncomfortable spaces that appear within a layout. This space represents great importance since it is responsible for the first impression of the interior of the home. For this, try to embellish it and make it inviting. You can achieve this by positioning an accent chair next to a bench, coffee table, or even a cabinet. There you can leave visitors waiting or give them a nice space to leave their belongings. A great chair for this purpose is the Halifax chair.

There you have it, three great ways to avoid those ugly/empty corners. Comment below which one is your preferred. 

Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Leather: Perfect For Your Open-Concept Floor Plan

The interesting way modernism has been evolving allowed us to take advantage of both very open and very closed spaces alike. The penchant for practicality made users, in general, more and more capable of appreciating and taking advantage of very open areas, based on an open-concept floor plan. In this Manhattan Home Design reviews entry, we will tell you why a model as sophisticated as the Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Leather can look great in one of these environments.

As open concept floor plans have become an increasingly accepted trend, elements such as the modern sofa have gained significant prominence in the configuration of these spaces. That is to say: more relevance than they already had for decades. However, some users consider open-concept floor plans staunch enemies, believing that they cannot offer the same level of privacy and organization as traditional interior designs.

The Togo Sofa

The general idea is that an open floor can have cohesive areas, but not coincident ones. In other words, the activities carried out in one fragment should not interrupt those carried out in another, as if they were independent spaces, but at the same time, they all form part of the same space, as if it were a large multipurpose room. If you know how to take advantage of it, this is something that can be a particularly useful configuration for studio apartments or interior designs in Industrial, Boho, Rustic, or any other style that can be adapted to large rooms.

The Importance of The Sofa In The Open Floor Plan

A modern sofa can do more for your home than you think. One of the main reasons why a mid-century piece like the Ducaroy sofa can help you create that sense of visual division that you’ll need if you decide to go into this type of product is because these pieces have sufficiently prominent proportions and designs that look great from any angle.

It’s common and even typical for a modern sectional to become, for example, not only the focal point of the area but the object that helps reinforce the illusion that the living room is marked and bounded. In reality, the limits are invisible, and there’s no wall or dividing element to do that job. Recently, changes in people’s lifestyles and the way we conceive of living spaces have made open floors increasingly popular and, indeed, a much sought-after design style by homebuyers.

The Ducaroy Sofa

Typically, the open area of ​​a house now is a home office, a virtual classroom, a gym, and a place to watch Netflix and relax. Fulfilling all these roles at the same time is more practical if it’s about large, multifunctional, and properly integrated spaces. On the other hand, there’s a great appreciation for materials. There are very versatile pieces such as leather sofas that, being a finish that’s compatible with practically any style of decor, will work well in most cases, and the Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Leather is no exception in that regard, as its dazzling finishes and sturdy materials will work beautifully in any open space.

In addition to all of the above, remember that an open floor plan is a key to an invaluable source of creativity, allowing you to take full advantage of the area’s flexibility and properties. You don’t have to think long to figure out why it might be the most appropriate way to create your home’s interior design. Not only the best sofas can help you in this task, but also the rugs, sideboards, floor lamps, and any other element that’s part of that wonderful modern distribution you need.

Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Fabric: What Your Minimalist Decor Needs | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

There’s a lot of talk about minimalism lately, especially when the main topic is modern interior decors. Minimalism represents a whole universe to explore from simplicity. There’s much that the sense of simplicity can provide, as long as you know how to apply it wisely, strategically and with enough aesthetics to make it valuable. In this regard, the pieces of furniture you choose represent an essential key, and some designs, such as the Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Fabric, can represent an ideal option for not only aesthetic reasons but also functional ones. That’s why we have decided to dedicate this Manhattan Home Design reviews article to it.

The Togo Sofa

First of all, it’s convenient to take a look at the general characteristics of the piece: soft and durable Chenille fabric (stain-resistant and easy to clean, superior craftsmanship). The replica is made with the same manufacturing process and materials as per the original, three densities of high-quality polyether foam combined to make the frame, an ergonomic design for true enveloping comfort. Besides, this piece doesn’t require assembly. As any interior design enthusiast will notice, and even any professional interior designer, it’s a very versatile piece whose main functional characteristic is that it’s focused on the practical.

The Ducaroy sofa fabric can be combined with other pieces by the same designer to create cohesive environments, with that same bold and standout aesthetic that will be unforgettable for your friends and family. The products in this series are seen as a true masterpiece that breaks with the traditional schemes of the pieces within their category. The ergonomic design of the sofa and its high-quality multi-density polyether foam construction and quilted covers make the Ducaroy Portside the ultimate sofa in comfort and style. This model is what your modern living room needs to dazzle all eyes. If you combine it with other seats, you have unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating your own unique atmosphere.

The Ducaroy Sofa

Some areas, especially within small houses and apartments, don’t have a lot of space, so it’s most convenient to use them with pieces of furniture that don’t take up too much space. One of the most striking features of Ducaroy’s creations is that they are compact designs, which stand out for being so different from the type of furniture that usually fills modern environments. Some have compared the Togo sofa, for example, to a “bent tube of toothpaste”; one of the most atypical comparisons imaginable, and that, however, is not so far from reality.

The opportunity to give your home or office a renewed flair is much more within your reach than you thought. Discover for yourself everything that the ingenuity of this piece and its companions can do for your living room, work area, or even recreation area. We can assure you that it’s not the type of piece that you’ll find in all living rooms and that, in addition, it will give you unforgettable moments in the company of those you love the most. After all, it’s a piece that even your pets will love.

Guide to Choose An Affordable Sofa 2022 | Get to know the Florence Sofa & More

Choosing an affordable sofa this year might convert into a tedious task. There are a lot of different option sizes, brands, colors, materials, and stores that you can choose from. But, how do you know what’s the best option for you? Well, before diving deeper into a very complete list, we want to tell you to talk about some of the factors you should take into account when looking for a sofa. Let’s start with it!

Materials and structure of high-quality sofas

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a couch, basically because you will rely on your weight and your guests on that structure. So having a strong and durable base is quite important when selecting it. Now, which materials you can consider? Wood, stainless steel, leather, and high-density foam are part some of the most selected materials by people. 

For example, a Florence Knoll Sofa 3 Seater is an ideal piece to expose in this guide. This is a mid-century modern model upholstered in high-grade Italian leather with an astonishing aesthetic, visually inviting, and at the height of the most demanding users. 

We wanted to introduce the list with the Florence Knoll Sofa 3 seater since it’s composed of great materials such as steel springs and solid wood that provide strength and stability. The cushions of this sofa are filled with dense foam, which offers amazing comfort, made with safe and reliable materials that pose no health risks of any kind, and have high resistance to flames.

Stores to find affordable sofas

There are different and reliable stores where you can find great options to choose from. The factors you should consider when selecting a furniture store are security, reviews, and description. Take a look into these 3 before acquiring any piece of furniture.

For example, Manhattan Home Design is a great example of a reliable store/website since it has the HTTPS protocol, and the descriptions of the products are quite complete, including their materials, dimensions, shipping, and so on. Besides, this website has a lot of 5-star reviews on sites like Sitejabber, Apt Therapy. Houzz, etc.

Other great sources of furniture are the following:

  • Barcelona Designs 
  • Manhattan Office Design 
  • Cassina, etc.

Styles of sofas

The style of the sofa and color palette are other important factors you should take into account when selecting your sofa. These are the most popular this year:

  • Modern
  • Mid-century 
  • Industrial
  • Boho
  • VIntage 

Considering the style we have decided to show you a few great examples that are included in this category.

There you have it, a quick and effective guide to selecting a couch for 2022. Remember to comment below with your favorite suggestion!

Enjoy the Best Loveseats in the market With MHD Reviews

The Loveseat is one of the finest and more demanded pieces of furniture for today’s living rooms. With Manhattan Home Design you can get in your living room the finest trend to make your space look gorgeous. And if you are an enthusiast décor fan, you know that Manhattan Home Design Reviews are a great way to know how good is the experience of buying it with MHD.

The Loveseat, more relevant each day

Designed to be one solution for small living rooms, the love seat is increasingly popular as a décor choice, as there are more people living alone in small apartments and they don’t need a great number of seats. The loveseat brings the opportunity to enjoy the experience of a beautiful at-large sofa design, but in a two-seat piece. Many famous design pieces, like the LC3 Sofa, or the Barcelona Sofa, have a Loveseat version.

Buying a Loveseat for you, with Manhattan Home Design Reviews

The satisfaction and happiness of many MHD customers is evident in their Manhattan Home Design Reviews, and they can be a good guide to help you get one. Let’s take a look:

Le Corbusier 2 Style Loveseat.

The comfort and elegance of this piece have a timeless charm, and this is the way happy MHD customers express about it:

“LC2 Petit Loveseat w/Leather Upgrade. I am extremely happy with my order of an LC2 Loveseat and Chairs (with leather upgrade). The quality of the construction is excellent. The leather is beautiful. The team was great to work with even during the pandemic. As a satisfied customer, I have now made additional purchases and look forward to more business with MHD”. John Duckett.

“2nd Time.  This is my second time purchasing furniture and everything I buy looks amazing”. Mason.

“Satisfied. Every purchase I have made with MHD, I have been extremely satisfied with”. Jacob.

The Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa

Some classic masterpieces are just waiting for their moment, and that is the case now with the Ducaroy Sofa. Currently, one of the most demanded furniture solutions, the Ducaroy has this warm, comfortable, and cozy feeling that fits perfectly in these WFH times, when we demand more comfort in our places. And that’s what we find in  Manhattan Home Design Reviews:

“Comfy. This is the best material I have ever felt on any furniture. Oliver“.

“New loyal client. I wouldnt go anywhere else to get furniture”. Thomas.

Gorgeous. Fun, happy and SUPER comfortable. I have friends who ordered furniture from somewhere else and their delivery was delayed for 2 months. Mine arrived on time. Very happy with my purchase and have been recommending Manhattan home design to everyone.” P.M.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair  or the Barcelona Daybed.

Perfect Modern Armchairs With Steel Accents 

If you’re a “detail-oriented” kind of person with your interior design, you surely have had the feeling of a missed piece or awkward corner within your house. Well, let me tell you that this is more common than you might think it is, and in turn, it is quite easy to fix. Here at Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we will dive further into this recurrent subject and will show the power of armchairs, specifically moderns, to fight this” missing piece” feeling. Let’s get into it!

The Armchairs can be the key to improving your interior

First of all, what’s an armchair? 

“ An armchair is a comfortable, cushioned chair with a support on each side, where you can rest your arms while you sit. Some armchairs are big enough that you can curl up and read a book in them”.

So why armchairs are used?

By reading the definition you can easily note that the main reason for their usage is because they offer a unique comfort wherever are put. Not only are composed of comfy cushions but also have an extra element which is the arms. As these chairs are considered one of the comfiest types, they are typically used to create reading or coffee corners, meditation environments, and break spaces for work. 

Modern armchairs with steel accents 

There are a wide range variety of modern armchairs, but we decided to select the ones with steel accents for different reasons. One of them is because if you take a look at the most iconic elements from this style you’ll realize how often the steel is used. Steel is the perfect complement when your goal is related to improvement, elevation, and modernization. It also helps when you want to make the interior look more illuminated since metal highly reflects the light.

So, which armchairs can you use? 

You can use any armchairs that follow modern principles which are based on curved/organic lines, neutral colors, accents like steel or wood, simplicity over ornamentation, and function. 

Our first example is the iconic Egg chair, a piece that follows all the characteristics of this incredible style. The Egg chair uses a strong foam inner shell underneath the upholstery. This armchair invites you to experience originality and design with every use and that ages with beauty and grace.

A sublime combination of beauty, style, and organic curves, this iconic Egg chair is designed to perfection with comfort as well as aesthetics in mind. It also features a swivel and tilt mechanism, a polished stainless aluminum base, and a seat and back covered with 100% wool fabric.

Our second option is the also iconic Womb chair. This cozy armchair features accurately shaped fiberglass frames and high-density memory foam moldings wrapped in luxurious fabric. Using high-quality materials and craftsmanship characteristic of mid-century times.

Another armchairs options you can also consider:

There you have it, incredible modern armchair options with steel accents from our team of Manhattan Home Design reviews. Elevate and take your interior design to another level.

The Arco Lamp: a Floor Lamp That Shines All The Way | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Why could be a floor lamp so relevant in an interior decorating process? Choosing the perfect spot to place your floor lamp can be a challenge that requires a lot of cunning, strategy, and intuition to achieve the most desirable effects. We have dedicated this edition of Manhattan Home Design reviews to the Arco lamp, one of the most famous and acclaimed pieces in the history of modern design. We hope it will be of special help in your decorating process, especially if you’re still not very clear about the importance of lighting design in your environment.

If you have a piece as amazing as the Arco lamp and you want to make it shine in its maximum splendor, you should consider certain useful advice. One of the most endearing features of this appliance is that you can use it in practically any house’s area, be it the living room, the dining room, or even the bedroom. It’s especially suitable for activities that require a concentrated light source at a specific point, such as reading or doing manual work on a desk.

The Castiglioni’s Arco Lamp

You can place your Arco lamp anywhere you like in the room, as one of its most notable advantages compared to other lamps in its category is that this model can offer you overhead light; a remarkable property.

Everything You Can Do With The Right Light!

You can move freely around its reflector head, even when the sturdy marble base is located up to two meters away. That is, you can move freely around the light source without the hassle of tripping over its base. Besides, the Arco lamp is easy to move since its designers thought of every detail and, therefore, included a hole in which you can insert a broomstick to move the piece lightly.

Your Arco lamp is suitable for rooms with a high flow of movement, so make sure to place it in a corner where it doesn’t interrupt the normal influx and the transit of people. You have to make sure that the influx of light is toward the center of the area and never from the inside out. 

If you wanted to save a lot of money and have chosen an Arco lamp replica instead of the original product, the best news is that this model is as efficient as the original. That’s something you’ll be able to check out easily. An Arco lamp reproduction will give you as much quality lighting as the authentic product.

An Iconic Floor Lamp

Get The Best Hacks To Use Your Arco Lamp Efficiently

If you don’t want your Arco lamp to project direct light but prefer soft indirect light, you can aim it at a blind spot inside the compartment, especially a place where light colors, reflective surfaces, and light can bounce in all directions. Indirect soft (or ambient lighting) is especially useful for generating relaxed and peaceful atmospheres.

Have you configured your reading station with that chair that you like so much, probably an Egg Chair if you are a Mid-Century Modern lover, and want to make the most of your Arco lamp to get the direct lighting you need? This is the best idea, as this lamp will not only be highly appropriate and functional for you but will further enhance your MCM style if you combine it with other iconic pieces.

The Arco lamp is such a special and attractive creation by the Castiglioni brothers that it will continue to look impressive even when you aren’t using it, while you have it turned off, in a corner. Use it most smartly and make the most of its efficiency!

Lounge Chairs of MHD: The Best of Modern furniture

Thinking of giving the final touch of class to your living room? Manhattan Home Design is the right place to look for. We have the best collection of lounge chairs in the market, to make your place shine. And if you take a look at our Manhattan Home Design Reviews, you can have a very nice idea of what to expect from our great collections, and become one of our 60,000 happy customers.

Lounge Chairs of MHD: The Best of Modern furniture

The real deal when it comes to Mid Century Modern, Manhattan Home Design has always been associated with renditions of great quality. And our Lounge Chairs are the best in Modern design for a trendy, smart space. Our Manhattan Home Design Reviews are a great testimony.

Lounge Chairs: An essential Element in Your Living Room

With the right lounge chair, you can seal the final touch in one space for dreaming. With beauty, character, and comfort, a good lounge chair becomes the favorite spot in your living room and easily your whole house. Once you live the experience, you got it, just like many happy customers of Manhattan Home Design share in their Manhattan Home Design Reviews.

Ducaroy Fireside Chair

The Ducaroy Chair is one of the hottest trends nowadays when it comes to modern design. Its comfortable relaxed close to the floor design and its rounded shape with smooth textures invite everyone to chill out a little bit and get abandoned to the experience of the music of good reading. Manhattan Office Reviews tell us very clearly:

“Fabulous. Exactly what I needed to complete my space. The Chenille has a nice velvety feel and the sofa feels pretty high quality. 5 stars from me”. Duvan Gore.

“Recommended. Their customer service made the buying experience stress free”. George.

“Satisfied. After spending so much time reaching it was clear MHD was the best place to buy my furniture for my new house. No one else comes close”. Harry.

Barcelona Chair

A classic among classics, the Barcelona Chair will always cope with your expectations with the sobriety and comfort that only leather provides. In Manhattan Home Design Reviews, Modern enthusiasts of this van der Rohe Masterwork tell us quite frankly.

“Top quality leather. This chair is just like the original that my dad owns. We are impressed with the quality and very glad we ordered it here!”. Will.

“Barcelona happiness. I bought the chair and ottoman in black. It’s comfortable, well made, and looks great. I’ve had it for about 2 years and I am glad I purchased it”. John S.

“Barcelona Chairs. We have had 2 in butterscotch leather for over 10 years. They still look and feel like the day that we got them. A timeless design that we love !!!!”. Mike.

Womb Chair

The “chair that hugs you” as someone said, the Womb chair is one of the modern pieces well appreciated not only by design enthusiasts or professionals but by everyone in the family: Kids, grandpas, and even pets. Colorful, beautiful, and comfortable as it only can be, the Womb Chair is quite popular in the Manhattan Home Design Reviews:

“As expected. Smooth online purchase. The chair looks lovely in my space and I am happy with its quality. Thanks all”. Gabriella C.

“Like a hug. Sitting in this chair is like getting a hug. It just makes you feel good. I love it and can’t wait to sit in it. The chair was missing a floor “peg” I guess you could call it. I contacted MHD and they replaced the piece right away. Super friendly and helpful customer service”. Lillian Waters.

“Pretty in Red. The chair is pretty and the red is vibrant. It is super comfortable and brightens up my room. It is perfect for curling up and reading a book. Delivery was fast, the driver could have been more friendly, but he was on time”. Jill Lister.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair  or the Barcelona Daybed.

The Womb Chair: a Next Level Seat – Manhattan Home Design Reviews

It’s easy to talk about modern chairs when the main features that make these types of pieces be classified within that category have been identified. Modern chairs are very convenient products in many cases for important reasons: they have a design that doesn’t look outdated, they work well with all kinds of ornaments and fixtures that can compose an updated interior layout, and, in addition, as a general rule, they are objects with great functionality and aesthetic value. However, among the various modern designs, there are also iconic models, and in this edition of Manhattan Home Design reviews, we’ll give our attention to the fantastic Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen.

First, it’s necessary to clarify that the most prominent iconic chairs are famous precisely for having somehow transcended some paradigm within their style. In that regard, the Saarinen Womb Chair is not just a chair: it’s a first-class seat in every sense of the word. The brilliant designer made sure that the piece was made of top-notch materials: it has a fiberglass frame with foam rubber lining, molded with every intention of giving the user maximum comfort and just the right amount of support.

The Perfect Support For Your Body

The piece’s structure contains ergonomic components that make it unnecessary to fill it with cushions. In addition, there’s a very valuable justification for why the designer thought that the chair should have an organically shaped seat: so that it would be flexible and thus be able to easily adapt to any type of posture that the user wanted to adopt while using it. The armrests are parallel to the floor, at a perfect height for the average adult’s body to rest on, something that virtually no modern sofa can provide with the same efficiency.

One of the secrets that make it so cozy is its pleasant wool upholstery, which also covers the small square cushion on the backrest. It’s important to emphasize that the concept of “uterus” is not a random idea or a merely allegorical image: quite the contrary, the name of the chair has to do, more than anything, with the biomorphic characteristics that allow the user to feel the sensation that they are “protected” inside a seat that reminds them of a baby’s bassinet, with its walls surrounding the body and sufficiently supporting in virtually any position they want to put their body in, even curled up.

Comfortable and Durable

The Womb chair also has a feature that only a few modern chairs boast: it’s a comfortable and durable piece at the same time. Not all modern chairs can offer you those qualities in addition to the iconic value that this design has. It’s a chair made to withstand intensive use, even in a home with children or pets. In addition, the vast majority of versions of the chair include a type of stain-resistant upholstery, so it should retain its aesthetic properties extremely well, removing the inevitable stains and traces of dirt with a water-based stain remover.

There is no doubt that Saarinen and Florence had a very specific vision when they decided to develop a high-quality chair. They consulted a boat builder to use industrial materials such as fiberglass and resin, and tubular steel for the legs. You only need to try it once to understand why it’s one of the chairs with the best reputation in history. The Womb chair and many other iconic models are available in the Manhattan Home Design catalog.

Elevate Your Layout With A Bellini Sofa & More Tips | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Normally, when we read the phrase “elevate a design” we tend to relate it to velvet carpets, lamps, and expensive furniture sets. And the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Today the market has allowed for much more variety of options that offer a sophisticated look without breaking the bank in return.

Today in Manhattan Home Design reviews we have decided to collect the most helpful tips so you can get that elegant, functional, and attention-worthy design. Scroll down and let’s dive into it!

Enhance your furniture collection with high-end replicas

Furniture might be the most important element whenever we want to elevate a layout. Think it for a moment, whenever we enter a living room, what’s the first thing we see? Yes, the sofa or chair where we are going to sit. Also, what’s the most used item from this same place? Same answer right? So paying attention to the furniture in our layout is elemental.

To enhance your collection we recommend you to follow some of the most frequent tips from interior designers, which is to influence your decision by movements like modernism and mid-century. These styles tend to offer a variety of functional and classy options. 

An accurate example of this is the Le Corbusier collection, the Bellini sofa, and even the Egg chair if you want to include an iconic focal point. 

Decorate your coffee table

As you see, we are going from the macro to the micro. Although big things like sofas are fundamental, small details like the decoration of your coffee table make the difference. By decorating your coffee table with cute plants, candles, and even lamps, you can take your layout to another level.

You can also take advantage of the seasons. Whether is fall or Christmas, you can always get inspired by these. ‘

Plus! In case you don’t have a coffee table yet, we suggest the Barcelona table in case you’re into modern options.

Incorporate a mirror 

A great way to stylish and make your design classy is by adding mirrors. These are normally related to luxurious places and it’s a quite affordable method to easily reach those vibes.

So, what mirrors should you select and how can you do it? There are two common options to incorporate mirrors, first and most used is by hanging a rectangular or round piece. In case you choose this option, try to select a mirror with fine and curvy edges. The other option to integrate a mirror is through a whole wall covered by it. Walls mirrors are perfect for not only bringing luxurious vibes but also can make your room bigger than they really are.

So there you have it, simple, affordable, and cool tips to take your layout to the next level. Reach those sophisticated vibes you’ve always wanted… Without breaking the bank.

Comment below which of these tips was your favorite!