Eames Lounge Chair: What Color Should I Choose?

eames lounge chair

If you love Mid Century Modern (MCM) design and style and are looking to update your space with furniture from this beautiful design period in interior design history, then the first item you need to get is an Eames Lounge Chair replica! But don’t think that a replica refers to a cheap item! A real Eames Lounge Chair is way too expensive to own and unless you have several zeros in your account, you’ll never be able to afford one. Everything about the chair screams MCM design and style, making it a sought after piece by MCM devotees all over the world. There’s even a few pieces showcased in museums, which just goes to show how noteworthy this simple piece of furniture truly is. But even though you can’t afford a real on, you can still get a quality replica, which are made using quality materials and are exact copies of the iconic chair that basically defines MCM.

If you’re not sure about the replica, just go online and check out Manhattan Home Design reviews and you’ll be swayed by all the positive things people have to say about the online furniture store and their offerings, which includes a replica of this highly coveted chair. The quality replica comes in a few options, which leaves the big question: what color of the Eames Lounge Chair reproduction should you get?!

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either the Walnut Wood or the Palisander Wood options for the Veneer. Both are beautiful options for the Eames Chair and it’s more about your own personal preferences. You should also take into account how it would look among your other furniture so that it all blends in perfectly. In terms of leather, the options from the online furniture include Basic Leather, Italian Leather and Aniline Leather. With that, it’s just about how much more you want to pay for premium leather, with Aniline Leather being the very best you can get for this Eames Lounge Chair replica.

When it comes to MCM style and comfort, look no further than Manhattan Home Design! They also have a New York-based storefront if you want to check out all their MCM-inspired pieces up close to see their splendor and beauty in person.

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