Find your Inner Le Corbusier with Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Do you dig Le Corbusier? Do you find it fascinating how its clean-cut lines, sobriety, and comfort can define a room and give that accent, modern touch?

If it’s so, you are not alone, and lots of design enthusiasts along with you sharing the same passion. For all of you, in this FALL SALE, Manhattan Home Design Reviews has some valuable comments that are worthy to check.

LC Sofas

Le Corbusier made a timeless mark on furniture classics like the LC3 and LC5 sofas. Black leather (or Cowhide at the time), stainless steel, and a completely brand new perspective on materials and functionality created a trend that lasted so many years, and even today is highly popular, either in home interior design or office design. Let’s take a look at some Manhattan Home Design Reviews, and find out what they have to say.

“The sofa of my dreams. The combination of the metal frame with the white leather cushions gives it a flair of elegance and class that you can’t perceive in many pieces of furniture. Much better than I expected.” Noah, on the LC5 Sofa.

“The perfect piece. My dogs, children, and my wife loved this sofa. It has become my nap station. Adorable.” Eleanor Jackson, on the LC5 Sofa.

This sofa has it all! Especially recommended to lovers of Mid-Century Modern! One of the most iconic sofas in one of its best versions. Amazing.” Julian L. on the LC3 Sofa.

LC Style Chairs

Few furniture items are as famous and popular as the LC series. With its massive, but beautiful presence, and that relevance of fine leather, there are countless examples in Design magazines and TV series or Movies where the LC chairs are in a stellar place. Either in the comfortable luxury of the LC3 or in a more constructed LC5, the LC Style Chairs can really take you to another level of comfort. Let’s see what Manhattan Home Design reviewers have to say about it.

“Luxury and Beauty. A classic ahead of its time. I was so excited when I was about to purchase my LC2 with MHD. It took 5 days to come. Fortunately, everything turned out to be good. It is a fine replica with great materials and really close to the original design. Now I want to complete my living with the LC2 Loveseat. Delivery can do it better.” Daniel Zhang on the LC3 Sofa.

“They are very comfortable. We have a lot of elderly people coming to our office and they are high enough so people can get up from sitting in them easily. I highly recommend these for your home too!” Thomas, on the LC5 Sofa.

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