Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Give your room a cozy feeling with a quality bed frame | The Fiord Bed Frame

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Our bedroom is probably one of the most important places that needs to be well organized and has to feel comfortable, after all, we spend a lot of time in it, be it sleeping or even working sometimes. One of the key factors to feel at ease is, choosing the right bed frame for you, and here at Manhattan Home Design Reviews we will help you make the right choice for an amazing bed frame

When choosing a bed frame, the material is primordial and, often overlooked by many, this is a mistake because you got to make sure it is resistant but also that it matches with the room. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong with wood or walnut because it is very resistant and fits in most places with elegance

The Fiord Bed Frame checks all of these points with its walnut or ash veneer, comfortable looks, sturdiness, and more.

Wonderful features

One of its most remarkable features is its design based on traditional Danish works made of teak. It gives the Fiord Bed Frame a European vibe that you will most definitely feel as soon as you get it.

Mid-century modern looks for bedrooms and rooms in general, are here to stay for a long time. Clean lines, muted tones, a combination of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes, vibrant colors, and integrating indoor and outdoor motifs. Unsurprisingly, the Fiord Bed Frame checks out all of these elements, making it a must-have if you’re looking for that kind of style. But not only that, another important feature of this amazing bed frame is, believe it or not, adjustability and flexibility. Let’s say you’re not that into the Mid-century modern wave of style, or in any “wave” in general, well, The Fiord Bed Frame still fits perfectly fine because of its walnut veneer that actually matches pretty well with most bedroom designs unless you go for something very specific

Security and safety are primordial for every single person, even more on something like a bed frame, that is why this one comes with metal brackets that hold the standard quality frame, its legs are made of solid American walnut wood with a slight outward angle to guarantee a deep sleep, and also features the European flexible slat system that provides targeted lower back and knee support as well as targeted shoulder and hip relief.

Honestly, after going over all of the benefits and features of the Fiord Bed Frame, we can definitely say that it is a great addition if you’re looking for a modern, sturdy, and classic product