Ideal Designs For a Perfect Minimalist Environment | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Much has been said and written about minimalism, most of all by specialists in interior design and decor: that it’s a convenient trend due to its use of space, a sense of practicality, an aesthetic style based on simplicity, and many more advantages. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design reviews, we want to give you some valuable information about the products that you can use to make your MCM minimalist environment live up to your expectations and be just as you need and imagine it.

Currently, many people are still asking: Why should I choose minimalism? Is it really something that suits me? And the answers to these questions are fully subject to personal criteria, taking into account that each style has its own characteristics and each person will choose one or the other depending on their priorities, but what we can guarantee you is that this is one of the best ways to have your space organized without necessarily losing elegance, beauty, and still being very attractive to any user.

The Ducaroy Collection

What Do you Need For a Minimalist Layout?

Since minimalism is a style based on the practicality and elegance of simplicity, it’s best to choose furniture designs that follow these same guidelines. Not surprisingly, some of the most popular pieces of Mid-Century Modern, such as the LC3 Sofa by Le Corbusier, the Ducaroy sofa (also known as the Togo sofa), or the Bellini sofa by Mario Bellini are products that give people something to talk about because of their aesthetic value and also for the technical characteristics that make them highly functional.

The Le Corbusier sofa is famous for its impressive leather finishes that cover its dense and robust cushions, its external tubular steel structure, and its outstanding design, with such great aesthetic versatility that it’s capable of making practically any environment look amazing. It’s a timeless sofa with a so noticeable magnetism that it has continued to attract the attention of all kinds of audiences for generations.

Le Corbusier Chair

The Ducaroy sofa, for its part, is probably the emblematic creation of Michel Ducaroy and one of the reasons why his name has become so famous in the world of design, to this day. It’s one of the most interesting and original pieces of furniture, with a silhouette that its own creator compared to a “bent toothpaste tube”, and a type of modernism that proved to be extremely ahead of its time. This is the type of sofa that is not only visually unforgettable but so comfortable that users always want to return to it again and again.

The Bellini sofa, on the other hand, is perfect for “creative minds”. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how a model of this style became what it is today: one of the main references in modern modular sofas and an icon of its style. Mario Bellini wanted to deliver a technically advanced and efficient sofa that looked appealing and could be transformed in many ways, very easily, without neglecting ergonomics and durability, and he succeeded amazingly well.

These are just a few examples of pieces that you can use to successfully configure your minimalist environment and enjoy the advantages of this trend that is so suitable for an agile and simple lifestyle like yours.