Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Egg Chair – A Classic Piece That Always Remembers The Fundamentals

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The egg, an ancient symbol of new life, has been associated with pagan festivals celebrating spring. From a Christian perspective, Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection. So, when you’re told about some “Egg Chair” what do you think about it? Well, the Egg Chair is quite a unique kind of chair that can give you comfort, powerful face value, a boost in style, and make your living room layouts more fresh and more fantastic. In this entry of Manhattan Home Designs Reviews, we take a look at some characteristics that make it such an eccentric and special and why you should consider it as a valuable tool for your repertoire of furniture pieces!

Egg Chair
Egg Chair

Some of the egg Chair Features

Without a doubt, the most striking feature of the egg chair is its peculiar shape, and it represents the soul and impact of it. When you go into a room and there’s an egg chair, it’s probably the first thing you’re gonna notice and ask “what is this?” followed by a smile. I know this because it is what my friends say the first time they saw my new acquisition 

Leather or Fabric?

Equally good! The ultimate choice is yours depending on your personal tastes and setup. The Leather version is HIGHLY stylish, easy to clean, and has a really premium mid-century modern feel to it. The fabric version is also up there in terms of fashion and adaptability and feels a little more homely and familiar. Safe to say that both presentations will adapt and fit without any problems in your setups because the architecture used by Arne Jacobsen was thought in mind to be as flexible as possible while maintaining the characteristic style that differentiates the Egg Chair

The mastermind behind it

One of the fathers of contemporary Danish design and the minimalist Danish aesthetic is Arne Jacobsen. Despite the fact that Arne Jacobsen was also a renowned architect, his chair designs are what people most often associate him with.

Danish design at its finest may be seen in Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chair. By experimenting in his garage with wire and plaster, Jacobsen discovered the chair’s ideal design. The Egg chair is now regarded as a Scandinavian design classic and one of Jacobsen’s greatest achievements in his illustrious career. 

And there you have it, a quick mini-review of the Egg Chair

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Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The LC3 Chair By Le Corbusier: Much More Than an Accent Piece

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. The majestic versatility of the LC3 Chair by Le Corbusier is something that can be seen with the naked eye. When your eyes fall on its tubular structures and its finest leather finishes, you realize that it’s a model that will look good in practically any environment with any decorating style, but especially in a Mid-Century Modern or Industrial layout. Much of its appeal is visual; for this reason, in this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we want to introduce you to one of the most famous chairs in the history of design and explore a little the reasons for its greatness.

Some people underestimate accent chairs as unnecessary or merely an optional addition, which is true only in certain cases. Everything will depend on the number of people who usually use a space and how often they do so. The truth is that an accent chair like the LC3 Chair can be key not only to achieving a higher aesthetic level (especially if you have included the rest of the pieces that make up this collection in the floor plan) but also because it would add that additional seat that you have surely missed many times. In other words, a piece like this can be precisely the key for your floor plan to be complete and functional.

LC3 Chair
The LC3 Chair

An Iconic and Valuable Product

When people say that a design is “iconic” they say it not only because of the importance of the product alone but also because of the relevance of its creator. Le Corbusier is known not only for his amazing pieces but also for the knowledge he imparted and his achievements in the field of architecture. They were creations that exuded greatness in every aspect due to their originality, cutting-edge ideas, and the innovation they represented. They were pieces so far ahead of their time that, amazingly, they still look like newly created designs today. In fact, many design enthusiasts have no idea that this is a piece that came onto the market almost a hundred years ago.

le corbusier chair
The Le Corbusier LC3 Chair

When you come across an LC3 Chair in any living room out there, waiting room, or lobby, remember this: it’s a chair that has stood the test of time for many years and has been conquering new generations for decades. Its permanence and evolution over time are probably the most infallible proof of its importance.

In addition to all of the above, a Le Corbusier 3-Style Chair will also be memorable for the incredibly comfortable usage experience it can bring. Your friends and family will carry it in their memory as a pleasant seat that they felt very comfortable in, that looked amazing in your area, and that demonstrates your fine taste for the best of modernist style!

iconic modern chair
The Le Corbusier 3-Style Chair

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Bellini Sofa: The Answer To Your Style Needs

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. We cannot underestimate the iconic and functional value of a piece as amazing as the Bellini sofa. If one thing is certain about Mario Bellini’s vision of modular sofas, it’s that they should be practical, with design pushed to the limits of versatility, raised to the next level of functionality, and with enough technical capabilities to make lovers of creativity go wild. In this Manhattan Home Design Reviews entry, we tell you why this revolutionary design may be just what you need for your living room.

And it’s just that its name wasn’t born by chance or abstract ideas: it’s rather a direct way of making it known that the sofa can be transformed as much as the user wishes. It’s a feature present in the very concept of its design and in each of the details of its mechanism. Through its hook system, each module can be assembled or removed very easily, thus giving the piece the advantage of being many designs in one: linear sofa, corner sofa, sectional, or even use the modules separately as individual seats if the person prefers.

mario bellini sofa
The Mario Bellini Sofa

Revolutionary Ideas For Modernism

One of the reasons that have made the Mid-Century Modern style so famous is its emphasis on practicality and the value of functionality. It’s easy to love the practical value of a piece of furniture when you have a sofa like the Bellini, not only because of how well it works and how appealing it looks but also because of how extraordinarily comfortable it feels, thanks more than anything to the agile way in which its top-quality materials are used. The Italian creator was very clear about this, and he openly wanted to please an audience that increasingly demanded more and wanted to see how far industrial technologies were capable of producing wonders suitable for the resurgent lifestyle.

The post-war era brought about many changes in the world society’s lifestyle, and this was directly reflected in the aesthetic style with which people decorated their houses, apartments, offices, and companies. Everyone wanted to show that modernism was also part of their personal or business philosophy, and that was much easier if they included iconic products that represented the best and most remarkable of that style.

bellini modular sofa
Bellini Sofa

It was in this way that, over the years, the Bellini sofa ended up conquering more and more tastes and generations, becoming one of the MCM legends and a mandatory reference in its catalog. Currently, many people declare themselves admirers of this design and many of them are probably unaware of the fact that it’s a sofa launched in 1972; that is, half a century ago. In any case, regardless of the years that pass, it seems that the Mario Bellini sofa will continue to shine in the catalogs of many stores as one of the best-selling, respected, and sought-after sofas for many years to come.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Barcelona Bench: 3 places to make the most of it

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Sometimes when you think you have the ideal setup, you get a sudden urge to redesign and to try to get a breath of fresh air, be it because you’re tired of seeing the same layout, or because you feel it is the right time to reinvent your setup! But what should you consider in order to achieve an ideal layout redesign with ease and comfort? You should definitely make use of one of the best tools available, the Barcelona Bench! and in this entry of manhattan home design reviews, we give you 3 essential tips to, as the title says, make the most of it!

But first, let’s take a quick look at the specifics of the Barcelona Bench

Barcelona Bench
Barcelona Bench

Why is the Barcelona bench such a great tool for designers in general? it is versatile, meaning you can place it by anything in your room and it will fit accordingly. Modern, thanks to its elegant allover asymmetrical webbing design used on the seating, and the imperial-looking legs. So it is an all-around upgrade to your room

#1 – Use it to complement other furniture

Ideally, by placing the Barcelona bench by the end of a bed, you expand the seating and flexibility it can offer – The end-of-the-bed seat has gradually become a need in bedrooms! If your bed doesn’t have a footboard, a bench might serve as a unifying element and a place to put your bedding. The bedroom bench may be used as a place to sit while getting dressed in the morning or as a place to keep books.

#2 – Ally of the hallway!

It is important to remember that the Barcelona Bench is a three-seater bench and it is quite large! In a long corridor that you’re not sure how to decorate, seats work nicely because they tend to be long. You may create an eye-catching environment by placing them underneath an intriguing piece of art. Honestly, it may be one of the best pieces of furniture that you can place in a corridor or hallway!

#3 – Behind the sofa or as a coffee table!

Yes, you read that right. While the “behind the sofa” placement tends to be more commonplace in today’s trends, the coffee table use might be more unconventional, but they’re really valid! The Barcelona Bench fits really well behind the sofa because its style is really adaptable and provides an expansion of the seating and design capabilities. I would personally not use the Barcelona Bench as a coffee table, only if it is extremely necessary

And there you have it, 3 placing tips to make the most of the Barcelona Bench. There are many more tips available of course, but we decided to list three to make it easier to digest

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Get into The Madrid Fever With Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Have you heard about the Madrid fever? The Madrid fever is the new generation of the Barcelona Collection. The classic, essential collection of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich is delivered by Manhattan Home Design with true loyalty to the original design of its creators, and the highest standards of quality. That’s why the Manhattan Home Design Reviews all converge on how good this collection fits in its decor.

Three basic elements for your elegant living room.

The Madrid Ottoman Replica, the Madrid Chair Replica, and the Madrid Bench 3 Seater are classic examples of the best of Mid Century Modern. Minimalist design, functionality, and elegance are the common attributes of the collection. Let’s take a look at some of the comments of Manhattan Home Design Reviews.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews for the Madrid Chair Replica

Sober, elegant, and surprisingly comfortable, the Madrid Sofa Replica has the virtue of being both elegant and comfortable, to the point of being requested not only for fancy living rooms but for professional and corporate spaces. This leather jewel has great enthusiasts in Manhattan Home Design Reviews:

“Looking forward to the rest. I bought this little beautiful chair as a first try, and now I am ready to go for the rest. A beautiful accent chair, sultry color, fine leather. Now saving for my sofa”. Claire.

Perfect in my room. THis is the final detail I was missing for my living. Its tone is beautiful and it fits perfectly with my creamy walls and red accent notes. Beautiful leather. I really recommend it. ;-)”

Manhattan Home Design Reviews for the Madrid Ottoman

Functional, beautiful, and very convenient, an Ottoman is always a great décor resource, and even more when it’s designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. What about the comments?

“wonderful for reading. This is a great, no, wonderful piece for any readers out there, as it can fulfill a lot of functions, like resting feet, and placing small things for a moment. etc… Whenever I read, I bring this ottoman with me”. Christian Edwards.

“Loved it and surprised me!. I didn’t expect it to be this good of a piece of furniture at first, but it really surprised me as it is actually very useful for many situations. This is an ottoman I can easily recommend as an improvised end table, footrest… and mayyybe even as a very provisional coffee table”. A.J.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Le Corbusier LC2 Loveseat and the Madrid Chair Replica.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Protractor Desk: a Wonder In Your Home Office

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. The modern furniture catalog is so large and diverse that, when you think you’ve seen it all, some other wonder always arises, whose existence you didn’t suspect, but which most likely has all the potential to become the new star of your layout. The Protractor desk, designed in 1949 by the Italian architect and designer Carlo Mollino, is probably one of those amazing products that you knew nothing about and now you can learn in detail and decide if you’ll make it one of your most prominent and spectacular work tools. Learn more about it in this fascinating new article from Manhattan Home Design Reviews.

This design, which can easily be the focal point of any layout in which it’s used, is a modernist icon within its category. The Protractor desk is considered a masterpiece for the way its structure is supported. Two solid wood beams hold its wide 15 mm thick tempered glass top, one of the keys to its elegance and strength. This glass plate is held by raised stainless steel support buttons, which give it greater strength and resistance.

protractor desk
The Protractor Desk

Much More Than a Modern Desk

From the first moment you start using it, you’ll realize that it’s a first-class piece, which only with its aesthetic value will enhance the appearance of your work environment in a surprising way. We live in the era in which the home office has gone from being an option to being the only alternative for millions of people. In fact, after the onset of the pandemic, many became so used to doing their jobs from home that they now consider it the only possible way to accept new contracts.

After all, the benefits of being able to set up, decorate, organize, and manage your own office are too great to ignore. If the time has come when you need to start putting together your home office, can you imagine a better way to start doing it than with a piece as impressive as this one?

One of the most appealing aspects of this model is its aerodynamic flair, purely minimalist, with a structure that totally breaks with the archetypal desk to deliver a model worthy of the talent, creativity, and ingenuity of an experienced architect, who knows well how to use the space and materials in original and interesting ways.

iconic modern desk

Some details, such as the stainless steel bolt sleeves that hold its five drawers, unify them and connect them with the top of the piece, and the drawer with an open face, also covered by a 15 mm glass panel, are what give the ultimate extraordinary touch and make it different from any other type of modern desk.

The Protractor desk is a much more stylish piece than you might expect from a wooden desk. Its walnut wood components, of superior and hypnotizing beauty, are something that will inspire you every day during your working hours and will make you feel that more than in an office, you’re in a space made to suit your personality.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Powerful and Minimalistic Style of the Florence Knoll Sofa

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. Mid-century modern is certainly one of the most famous and influential design waves to use in your layouts, why is that? It is because this way of furnishing and decorating your living rooms and spaces, in general, happens to be very appealing to most people due to its versatility and adaptability to the daily life of workers and homeowners in general, you can’t go wrong with it. It’s a safe choice if you’re struggling to pick a way to furnish your favorite room, but what is a good way to achieve an mcm layout with ease? The Florence Knoll Sofa! and in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews we take a deeper look at the features and benefits

What can the Florence Knoll Sofa offer you?

A lot of things! in fact, it is easier to ask what would it not give to you. This sofa brings versatility, adaptability, flexibility, comfort, familiarity, and soberness, and all of this is thanks to its design that was carefully made with these exact thoughts and features in mind! Florence Knoll decided to impress the best things about the Mid-century modern style and portray them in a beautifully done amalgamation of great features as you can see!

Florence Knoll Sofa
Florence Knoll Sofa – Midcentury 3-seater leather

Technical specifications

This specific iteration of the Florence Knoll Sofa rocks a tanned leather (kinda looking like orange) color on top of a premium top quality leather with stain protection to provide comfort and durability for a long time. Stainless steel frame as you may expect from a high-quality product. Detachable cushions so you can replace them or more easily clean them, and they also have zippers because you can never get enough options!

The designer behind it

Florence Knoll was an icon of the design world, an adept of the Mid-century modern movement, and really left an influential mark on its philosophy. After WWII, she was one of the first to introduce concepts of efficiency in the furniture and arrangement of the space, function over form, and minimal ornamentation; cornerstones of the mid-century modern style.

How to get one?

Well, everyday folks often cannot afford the original Knoll items personally, however, if you resonate with the Florence sofa or any other piece of furniture from the Florence Knoll collection, you may get it! As Manhattan Home Designs is having a Fall Sale and this sofa is one of the featured items

And there you have it, a quick rundown on the features, designer, tech details, and even how to purchase this masterpiece of modern design. Highly consider it for your layouts as it is a safe choice. Easy recommendation 

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Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The LC3 Sofa: An Outstanding Experience of Comfort and Ergonomics

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. Leather is recognized for its versatile and friendly properties and its great elegance and aesthetic appeal. It’s a material that can last for many years if it’s cared for correctly, and it can look even better as it ages, as some sofas develop a very interesting patina as their leather upholstery becomes more supple and softer. In this Manhattan Home Design Reviews entry, we will explain why Le Corbusier’s legendary LC2 Sofa is one of the best options you can imagine.

Some models, such as the LC2 Sofa, became highly recognized pieces thanks to their materials’ quality and minimalist aesthetics. Their full-grain Italian leather is made to look spectacular and, at the same time, provide a very pleasant and comforting experience. You may easily find an affordable comfortable sofa for yourself, but never forget that upholstery is not everything in a piece of furniture. Almost always, comfort is mainly associated with other aspects such as the type of padding it has, the density of the cushions, the dimensions of the sofa, the firmness of its structure, and so on.

LC2 Sofa
The Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa

One Of The Best Choices Of Your Life

A good way to know with greater security if a sofa is comfortable is to carry out a small test before taking it home. Sit on it, lie down for a few minutes, try to feel its texture, the cushioning sensation that its cushions give you, how your body feels when you lie down and, when you’re in that position, think if you could be like that for a very long time. Also, pay attention when you get up to the way the cushions regain their shape and if there are no traces of your body on them.

The tips we’ve given you in this article will help you hit the mark with the right choice of sofa, but beyond that, we have revealed that the Le Corbusier model is your fastest way to live this type of user experience with a modern model. There is nothing more satisfying for a user than the idea of knowing that they have chosen the right sofa model in every way, a piece that feels good, that is appropriate for the body, made with materials that will last for a long time after intensive use, and will continue to retain its elegance throughout its useful life.

Le Corbusier 2 Style Sofa
The Le Corbusier 2-Style Sofa

Many sofas you’ll find in modern catalogs probably look amazing, but when you use them you realize that they don’t really feel as good as they seemed. Besides, the materials are not always the best. Choosing a Le Corbusier 2-style sofa will bring you great satisfaction, it will renew the spirit of your living room and, probably, it will become the star of many unforgettable moments in your life or even family photos.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Egg Chair: Sensational Tool for Modern Designers

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | As you may know, design in general is a very complex thing. Still, when talking about home designing and decorating, there are a lot of factors and small details to consider even before starting the design process. Things like available area, objective, possible obstacles, how many people live in the house, colors to avoid… it is really a big deal! That is why professionals in the field must always be at the vanguard. One of the specific themes you can choose for your living room to be designed in is the modernism style, and one tool to make the best out of it is the Egg Chair! in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we will talk a little bit more about it and the modernism style!

Egg Chair
Egg Chair (Black fabric)

A different style, other than Mcm

Modernism, also known as art nouveau, is an art movement. The Belle Époque era, which came to an end in 1914 with the outbreak of World War I, was known for its use of Art Nouveau. It was a response to the eclecticism, historicism, and academic art of 19th-century architecture and ornamentation. A sense of vitality and movement, sometimes conveyed by asymmetry or whiplash lines, and the use of contemporary materials, primarily iron, glass, ceramics, and later concrete, to produce unconventional forms and bigger open spaces were further features of Art Nouveau.

What about the room design with the Egg Chair?

While the egg chair is mainly a furniture piece belonging to the modernism wave, you can also mix it up with the classic mid-century modern design! This chair is more expandable and adaptable than it first appears to be. Place the egg chair in your living room and be sure that it will feel in the right layout. A comfortable, full of joy, and interesting experience is easily achieved with the addition of the Egg Chair

More technical features about the Egg Chair

This particular listing of the egg chair from Manhattan Home Designs is available in two different versions, leather and fabric (also in various different colors!) so choose the one according to your specific likes.

Fire Retardant Polyurethane Foam Padding because safety and comfort go hand in hand. 360 rotation degree swivel so you don’t feel restrained, movement is important! Molded fiberglass frame as is the standard and with a polished aluminum base resistant to chipping and flaking

It is safe to say that the egg chair is an all-around chair that you can use to rest, work, and have a pleasant afternoon while reading a book. And there you have it, the modernism powerhouse that is the egg chair. Be sure to check out our other articles

Find your Inner Le Corbusier with Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Do you dig Le Corbusier? Do you find it fascinating how its clean-cut lines, sobriety, and comfort can define a room and give that accent, modern touch?

If it’s so, you are not alone, and lots of design enthusiasts along with you sharing the same passion. For all of you, in this FALL SALE, Manhattan Home Design Reviews has some valuable comments that are worthy to check.

LC Sofas

Le Corbusier made a timeless mark on furniture classics like the LC3 and LC5 sofas. Black leather (or Cowhide at the time), stainless steel, and a completely brand new perspective on materials and functionality created a trend that lasted so many years, and even today is highly popular, either in home interior design or office design. Let’s take a look at some Manhattan Home Design Reviews, and find out what they have to say.

“The sofa of my dreams. The combination of the metal frame with the white leather cushions gives it a flair of elegance and class that you can’t perceive in many pieces of furniture. Much better than I expected.” Noah, on the LC5 Sofa.

“The perfect piece. My dogs, children, and my wife loved this sofa. It has become my nap station. Adorable.” Eleanor Jackson, on the LC5 Sofa.

This sofa has it all! Especially recommended to lovers of Mid-Century Modern! One of the most iconic sofas in one of its best versions. Amazing.” Julian L. on the LC3 Sofa.

LC Style Chairs

Few furniture items are as famous and popular as the LC series. With its massive, but beautiful presence, and that relevance of fine leather, there are countless examples in Design magazines and TV series or Movies where the LC chairs are in a stellar place. Either in the comfortable luxury of the LC3 or in a more constructed LC5, the LC Style Chairs can really take you to another level of comfort. Let’s see what Manhattan Home Design reviewers have to say about it.

“Luxury and Beauty. A classic ahead of its time. I was so excited when I was about to purchase my LC2 with MHD. It took 5 days to come. Fortunately, everything turned out to be good. It is a fine replica with great materials and really close to the original design. Now I want to complete my living with the LC2 Loveseat. Delivery can do it better.” Daniel Zhang on the LC3 Sofa.

“They are very comfortable. We have a lot of elderly people coming to our office and they are high enough so people can get up from sitting in them easily. I highly recommend these for your home too!” Thomas, on the LC5 Sofa.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair or the Barcelona Daybed.