Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Halifax Chair – A sober and professional piece for your setup

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | In today’s landscape, there are a lot of great options for the avid home decor fanatic. But because there are so many, it can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t have the correct objective and path in mind! Let’s take a home office, for example, it is recommended that you furnish it with more severe and professional-looking pieces so you won’t get distracted, then, you should avoid more “funky” pieces. One of those severe pieces is what we are taking a look at today at Manhattan Home Design Reviews – A chair suitable for professional spaces, and more homely layouts, we are talking about the Halifax Chair, one of the different choices available in the market today, that you should strongly consider for your layouts

Halifax Chair

Why choose the Halifax Chair? well, let’s take a look at the following features – Starting with the most apparent one

Industrial and professional vibe

One of the first things people notice when entering a room, is the vibe, and what are the vibe-defining aspects? the furniture and decor, of course. The Halifax Chair provides a boost in seriousness to any room, especially if it is a room designated for work or studies, but not only that because another one of the great features of the Halifax Chair is the unexpected versatility it offers

For homely areas too

Yes, it fits right at “home” in more familiar layouts – For a more sober and modern-looking area, be it a living room, the studio room, or the study room, the Halifax Chair represents a fine addition thanks to its variety of color presentations (Laurentian Onyx and grey currently), Softness of its cushions, and overall design made with adaptability in mind

Safety can never be secondary

The Halifax Chair has a wide range of safety measures to ensure pleasant use without any kind of risk. The solid and sturdy steel frame to avoid breaking it (you may take it as a given). It is manufactured to meet California TB117-2013 fire safety standards without the use of flame retardant additives in the upholstery foam, so you can rest assured it won’t be catching fire so easily. Pet and child friendly too, because we know the company of loved ones, human or animal, is important for the mental safety

Ethically constructed

Constructed using FSC®-Certified hardwood, what does this mean? it means that the wood used in the crafting of the Halifax Chair is being harvested in a self-sufficient forest and it’s not contributing to any deforestation, so you don’t need to worry about it

And there you have it, a quick description of the wonderful features of the Halifax Chair and why you should give it a chance. Don’t forget to check out our other articles

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | 3 Easy Ways to Decorate Awkward Corners with Accent Chairs

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Awkward spaces… Who hasn’t faced them? They are a common nuisance for those in charge of dealing with the decoration process. For some unexplained reason, you will always find that missing space of cohesiveness within our layout. So if you are currently experiencing this problem, don’t worry! Stay with us and let’s solve it together with easy Manhattan Home Design Reviews tips.

The key piece to avoid them: Accent chairs

Since ancient times interior designers and architects have faced challenges when founding empty-awkward corners but they have shared their best secrets to avoid them along the way. These secrets, at least most of the time, share a common key: the accent chairs.

Accent chairs are so called, not only because they allow a certain material or corner to be recounted, but in parallel to this, they embellish it and make it more functional. This is why down below we have placed some of the greatest ways of place accent chairs to eliminate lack of cohesiveness and elevate your design to exactly where you want to take it.

Create a reading corner 

Reading corners is currently part of the most popular ways to fix empty corners. The reading activity has increased since the pandemic, so having a space specialized for this action will help you to concentrate and have more pleasant readings.

You can do this through a very comfy, spacious chair with arms. Our main option for this matter is the Gabriola lounge chair. The Gabriola lounge chair has curvaceous proportions held up by a solid wood frame. It also offers some great features like sinuous spring suspension, tight back cushion, loose seat cushion with removable cover, and high-density foam with polyester fiber filling. 

Maybe the most important feature exposed by the Gabriola lounge chair is the tight back cushion and fill since when reading we will spend a few hours seat, so good quality materials and structure is a very important factor to consider. 

Set up a “coffee break” space

Coffee is perhaps our universal drink. It’s the drink we normally offer when we have guests or just when we want to take some relaxing moment. So what the most efficient way to eliminate that awkward corner while setting up a warm environment.

If you’re into this easy hack, we recommend you choose some compact, elegant, and low-height chairs in order to preserve the “coffee” atmosphere. A great example of it is the Florence armchair. This sophisticated design made by the iconic Florence Knoll is perfect to enjoy peaceful afternoons with its ergonomic structure and soft Italian leather.

Avoid boring entryways

In general, the entranceways are one of the most uncomfortable spaces that appear within a layout. This space represents great importance since it is responsible for the first impression of the interior of the home. For this, try to embellish it and make it inviting. You can achieve this by positioning an accent chair next to a bench, coffee table, or even a cabinet. There you can leave visitors waiting or give them a nice space to leave their belongings. A great chair for this purpose is the Halifax chair.

There you have it, three great ways to avoid those ugly/empty corners. Comment below which one is your preferred.