Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Florence Knoll Sofa: A Great Gem for Mid-Century Modern Fans

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | When talking about specific kinds of styles in furniture, it is important, in terms of knowledge, to know about the different representative pieces of said styles! Be it Baroque, Art Deco, Bauhaus, or many other ones. In this particular entry, we at Manhattan Home Design Reviews decided to take a closer look at one of the gems of the Mid-century modern style, we are talking about the magnificent Florence Knoll Sofa, a timeless piece that is still to this day, as striking and influential as the day it was first crafted.

Today we will take a look at its characteristics and features, and you will see why you should definitely get one of the gems of the mid-century modern style!

Originally designed in 1956 by one of the most influential women in architecture, Florence Knoll, the Florence Knoll sofa was Knoll’s take on three-seater furniture for living rooms and layouts looking for a sophisticated and comfortable experience that leaves users satisfied

Florence Knoll Sofa

As you can see, being a three-seater sofa, it has plenty of sitting space for a quick chat with friends or family while sharing a cup of coffee or watching tv, so it is a pretty decent choice for a family household

But what if I have children or pets in my house? No problem, because the Florence Knoll Sofa replica is made with high-quality and highly resistant leather to ensure its safety and enjoyment.

It is worth adding that in case of any unexpected high damage to the seat and back cushions, they are removable with zippers and also fireproof – It is a safe option for households

Let’s talk about the crafting process

Manhattan Home Designs follow the same crafting process and materials as the original design back then in 1956 – This is done to ensure the most authentic replica representation possible and to not alter anything from the original one.

What about the aesthetic?

This is one of the main reasons to get one – The Florence Knoll Sofa perfectly encapsulates the design philosophy of the whole mid-century modern wave, from its smooth surfaces with the exact number of curves and shapes, ideal colors to match the era, to the vibe and atmosphere it gives to any room lucky enough to have one. If you are a fan of the mcm style, this is a very recommendable sofa

It is also worth noting that it comes with a 10-year warranty and if case you were wondering, there’s no assembly required

And there you have it, a quick recap of the Florence Knoll Sofa and why it is considered a gem. Be sure to check out our other articles