Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Florence Sofa: A Great Success Story

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. The most famous designs in history almost always have an interesting story behind them. The Florence sofa, introduced by Knoll in 1954, is no exception. In this Manhattan Home Design Reviews entry, we want to bring you a little closer to the history of this remarkable model, which currently reigns as the focal point in hundreds of houses and apartments around the world. Its history, fame, and acclaim it gained after its release made it one of the undisputed icons of Mid-Century Modern style in the twentieth century. It’s a timeless piece that anyone would think was created recently, when in fact it has been part of the catalogs of very important stores for several decades.

florence sofa
The Florence Sofa

The first thing you have to know is whose idea it was. The person in charge of this piece is none other than the American architect and designer Florence Knoll. Users can usually find the piece in three different versions: one, two, or three seats. This facilitates integration with any living room since it’s even possible to combine them with each other to create more complete and functional environments. Many users combine, for example, two armchairs and a sofa, one with two seats and another with three, and so on. It’s a harmonic and simple piece, which faithfully represents the main features of modernism.

A Wonder Made For You

The metal legs of the Florence sofa were a novelty at the time since it was usual to find sofas with their traditional wooden legs, but Knoll wanted to break with this paradigm. The creator was known for demonstrating in her work a form of “total design”; that is to say, she was involved in each one of the aspects related to the piece, from its architecture to its manufacturing process, the material selection process, the type of fabrics that would be used, functional details, and any other topic. She was the kind of creator who didn’t like to leave loose ends. She was even involved in all aspects related to advertising and product presentation.

florence knoll sofa
Florence Knoll Sofa

The structure of the Florence Knoll sofa is very interesting: it’s made up of an internal solid wood frame and an external frame made of metal with polished chrome tubular steel legs. As far as the cushions and seats are concerned, the upholstery is completely sewn and edged. Both the arms and the seat cushions are filled with variable-density foam, which provides an incredibly comfortable feeling for the user.

iconic modern sofa
Iconic Modern Sofa

The Florence sofa is also a highly durable piece. Probably, the secret of its greatness is the simplicity that it demonstrates combined with its great quality and the great experience that it can give. It’s a design made to last for many years, which also represents one of its best added values. Rarely you would find a modern sofa with such versatility, elegance, and comfort. The range of uses and places you can use it is so wide that it ranges from minimalist, professional, and casual formal decorations to work environments, offices, studios, and hotels. A piece made for users who know how to appreciate high-class designs.