Van Der Rohe Vs Hans Wegner: Decide with Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Mid Century Modern is a fascinating world, where some outstanding figures have tons of fanatics enjoying its works and legacy. Architecture, décor, and Interior Design are some of the disciplines where so many great figures created valuable works that each generation treasures. Our Manhattan Home Design Reviews reflect it very well.

Two of the most prominent and popular members of this great group are Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Hans Wegner. All their designs in Interior Design and Furniture are hugely demanded and admired all over the world. The Barcelona Collection by van der Rohe, is since 1929, one the most iconic designs in furniture ever made, and Manhattan Home Design has a long reputation of faithful replicas of this line.

On the other hand, Hans Wegner is without a doubt the ideal furniture designer. As one of the most respectable creators of the Scandinavian Design school, his chairs (he designed about 500 different prototypes) are famous all over the world. He designed almost 500 different models of chairs.

But what do Manhattan Home Design enthusiasts think of this beautiful duet?. Let’s take a look at Manhattan Home Design Reviews on their products and see who’s better!

Van der Rohe, the Essence of Modernism

What else can you say about the creator or the modern skyscraper and the Barcelona Collection? Let’s take a look at what our Manhattan Home Design Reviews tell about it:

Madrid Chair Replica

Barcelona happiness. I bought the chair and ottoman in black. It’s comfortable, well made, and looks great. I’ve had it for about 2 years and I am glad I purchased it. John S.

Top quality leather. This chair is just like the original that my dad owns. We are impressed with the quality and very glad we ordered it here! Will.

Barcelona Chairs. We have had 2 in butterscotch leather for over 10 years. They still look and feel like the day that we got them. A timeless design that we love !!!! Mike

Hans Wegner, the Scandinavian Master

Probably there is no one in the world with a deeper knowledge of chairs than Hans Wegner. His 500 different models are proof of it. And celebrities and famous interior designers can’t stop praising the simple elegance of its noble techniques in wood. What does Manhattan Home Design Reviews have to say about it?

Ch 25 Easy Chair

Comfy. It’s actually more comfortable than expected. Dave

Shell Chair

Very Beautiful. Heard about these guys through a friend that lives in New York, their products are very beautiful. Good thing I found them really. Marybeth Fama

Fantastic!. Recently order this Shell chair and I am very happy with it. It matches the rest of my mid-century modern living room so nicely 🙂

And what figure is your favorite? The crystal clear German architect or the thoughtful Danish artisan? Don’t forget to take a look at our Manhattan Home Design Reviews and enjoy the experience of a quality replica with Manhattan Home Design.

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