The Beauty of MCM Furniture In Mad Men | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

If you’re familiar with the AMC show Mad Men you’ve probably noticed how all the design and furniture pieces have this certain look to them. And if you’ve never watched the period piece, it was basically a drama about the age of ad agencies and the powerful men who worked at them. But it also provided a glimpse into the culture of the 1960s onward, as the show followed an extremely talented ad executive and his trial and tribulations. It was one of the most talked about shows from 2007 to 2015, when it finally ended. While many will remember it’s main character Don Draper (played by the Jon Hamm), design enthusiasts (and Manhattan Home Design reviews fans) are often mesmerized by the beautiful furniture pieces!

Manhattan home design reviews

As a site devoted to Mid Century Modern (MCM) furniture, we can’t help but fall in love with every single piece of furniture the show featured! Every week was new eye-candy for MCM fans like us and those who write all the wonderful Manhattan Home Design reviews on our MCM-inspired pieces! In the eight years that the show ran, design professionals would use the show’s pieces (conceived by Dan Bishop, the show’s production designer) as inspiration for their own clients who wanted to achieve the exact look they saw in certain episodes. Once can even argue that Mad Men is what made MCM so popular these days!

Manhattan home design reviews

Designers everywhere were tasked with design jobs that mimicked Don Drapper’s office or his MCM-filled home (and later apartment), making manufacturers and retailers quick to capitalize on the trendy pieces that the show was featuring. But the thing with MCM pieces is that they’re anything but cheap, which is why we want to bring back MCM for the masses with our inspired pieces that look just like the real thing at more attainable prices. Look up any of our Manhattan Home Design reviews and you’ll see that our furniture isn’t some half-assed imitation, but quality pieces that look and feel just like the real thing!

We’re providing MCM fans the ability to copy their favorite Mad Men looks without having to break the bank because we have a passion for MCM design and want to share it with the world! We saw the beauty of MCM in Mad Men, just as many of our fans that leave Manhattan Home Design reviews on our site did, and were inspired by each of the retro pieces.

Manhattan Home Design Review on Mid Century Modern Apartment

manhattan home design reviews

You finally observed it the ideal mid-century contemporary upper East aspect loft that would make Don Draper weep into his whiskey. The natural mild is pouring in via the ground-to-ceiling windows facing the Park, the hardwood flooring are sparkling and the extensive expanse of white walls are just begging.

You cannot wait to have guests over to christen the wet bar. However first, furnishings. How do you create a livable, secure area that enhances the clean strains as opposed to weigh down or a setting that doesn’t inhibit the layout? Luckily, the mid century cutting-edge aesthetics celebrate consolation, simple luxury and excessive high-quality. The sofa is arguably the most essential and most used piece in any mid century home. It is by miles an investment that receives super price-according to-use and is secure, durable and subtly elegant.

The white Le Corbusier sofa sofa suits all the three standards mentioned and with a pleasingly reasonable price tag too. The genuine Italian leather-based is a smooth and the chrome steel finishes perfectly offset the brilliant white fabric. The added bonus is, the ability to make the couch into a bed just by a push. And with area at a premium in new york city, multi-purpose pieces are the most effective. A small (however strong) detail of the couch is how well designed the back of it is (it could also be cooler than the front!). The well crafted yet functional aspect of furniture is an indicator of mid century cutting-edge layout. To shove the sofa towards a wall could be a cardinal sin of mid century modern-day design concepts.  The furniture should glide simply so in a space to make its presence recognized.

However, if you are reading in the luxury of your Chair, you will want some mild light to accompany your reading. And where the ground lamps are concerned, there may be best one choice – the Arco lamp replica. What a scene-stealer!

manhattan home design reviews

The Arco lamp replica is just another instance of the mid-century modern day design. Elevating both form and function, the Acro lamp is an at once recognizable mid century current staple. The Carrara Italian marble base offers the Arco lamp replica a further push of luxury. The lamp’s dramatic arch is dynamic and could be used to illuminate any space. To finish the dwelling room installation, you may need only a pair of Barcelona chair reproductions at once opposite the couch and a Tribeca espresso table on the other.

manhattan home design reviews

The Barcelona chair embodies the well-known maxim, “Less is more”. With its easy lines and occasional profile, making it an ideal seating solution for a mid century present day dwelling room, its tufted leather-based and sleek, slightly curved stainless-steel base, the Barcelona chair replica is aerodynamic and understated. The L-shaped layout of the Barcelona chair reproduction creates an inviting and aesthetically desirable space. A coffee table with a glass top adds another layer of texture.The tulip table with four Saturn dining chairs are a cheery, playful solution to mid-century present day needs.

The design of the desk and chairs is immediately both retro and futuristic (you may see the set inside the Brady Bunch domestic or on the Jetsons). Those pieces are of conventional design, blending easily into the mid century modern home. Plus, while a dining room table is practical and vital, the set needs little space, making it an apparent preference for a NYC rental. Finish off the dining region with an Artichoke Chandelier (designed through Poul Henningsen in 1958) to create an inspiring mid century modern vignette.

manhattan home design reviews

With classic pieces like the Le Corbusier Sofa, the Arco Lamp replica, the Tulip table and the Saarinen Womb lounge chair filling your floor plan, your abode is a heavenly haven.

Ride in the Wave of Our Curvy Sofas with Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Sure, curvy sofas and loveseats are all hype now. Everyone is after them, and the colorful they are, the most desired they are (and there are fewer people afraid to ask for that pink rounded sofa). In Manhattan Home Design Reviews you can tell how satisfied and happy people feel about it.

Curvy is the new normal.

Yes, there is going to be always space for classic pieces like an LC Sofa, but nowadays, when it comes to mainstream, it looks like the sky is the limit for rounded shapes. Soft textures, a variety of fabrics, bright colors, and an apparent pursuit for comfort are the main keys for new customers. Let’s take a look at how Manhattan Home Design Reviews witnessed this trend.

Curved Boucle Sofa Fabric

Are you looking for a 70’s lounging experience? You can definitely get it with the Boucle Sofa. Either in shape, color an texture, this elegant and soft creation by Antony Spon Smith take us to the most relaxed lounge rooms of the Travolta Era. Not a bad thing according to the Manhattan Home Design Reviews:

“Very Comfortable. This site is very comfortable and the boucle fabric is truly charming. I recently got it for 2 of my clients and I am considering for my home now”. Emily.

“In love with this design. I just received the sofa and I am soo excited. I have been wanting this sofa for months and I finally pulled the trigger. The design is fantastic and the quality is great – I am happy with it!” Martina.

Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

Just like the old fashion song, the Bellini Camaleonda Sofa in blue velvet takes us to a beautiful and relaxed place. At times a classic, at times the ultimate word in comfort, the Bellini Camaleonda is one of the hottest trends now in furniture. Low-slung pieces are very popular, and this creation is one of the kings of low cut. Manhattan Home Design Reviews portrays it this way:

“Awesome!. I truly appreciate being able to work with the team about the fabric color and the sofa configuration that I needed. I received my 2 sofa/chair and it’s working just like I intended. Thank you!”. Gustav Morrisey

“Love it. Love this couch. It exceeds our expectations in how well made it is. Beautiful almond-colored elegant sofa. It is firm but has enough bounce to be comfortable. Delivery was also great”. Alexandra Garcia

Fabiola Loveseat

Solid, but soft. Curvy but structured, lots of space for a loveseat. What else can you say about the Fabiola Sofa, one of the most splendid and comfy pieces of the MCM bootleg?. Manhattan Home Design Reviewers love it.

“A fav piece of furniture!. My wife loved this loveseat. She says that it reminds her a lot of her childhood. I couldn’t be more satisfied with that”. James.

“A marvel. Ivory boucle has always been a lovely upholstery for me. I think it works wonderfully well on this model. I loved it.”. Jack P.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the

Barcelona Chair  or the Barcelona Daybed.

The Bellini Collection: An Impressive Resource For Your Indoors | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

It’s easy for an interior design enthusiast to connect with the creative processes that can be generated during interior design & decor work.  Working with forms, space, materials, colors, light, proportions, aesthetic sense and even symbology within design are things that require a lot of preparation and, at the same time, represent the most exciting part of a profession where surprises and novelties never end.

Within this order of ideas, the world of furniture design is defined by products such as the Bellini sofa, and its entire range of accessories that make it an admirable prodigy. In this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews we’ll talk a little about the Bellini Collection and why it’s an option that could represent a very valuable finding for you.

The Bellini Sofa

Decoding Genius

The first thing you have to be very clear about is that modular sofas are designed under a concept of functionality that’s very different from that of traditional sofas. A modular sofa is so called because it’s supposed to be divided into several components called modules, which almost always represent each of the seats or other complementary pieces, such as armrests, ottoman, or other components. In other words, they are products that can be assembled or disassembled very easily.

The main advantage of that is that you can reconfigure them according to the characteristics of the environment, your particular needs, or other criteria. Even if you are one of those people who quickly get bored with a certain configuration, the modular sofa will allow you to change it as many times as you want, in the ways you prefer. The most sophisticated modular sofas can be transformed in many ways with simple and friendly procedures.

Bellini Sofa Armrest

The Bellini sofa can be easily converted from a linear sofa to a sectional, corner sofa, loveseat, T-shaped sofa or any other way that’s feasible and the user can imagine. The most important thing is that you are very clear about what you want to achieve and the aesthetic and functional application that you want to give to your pieces of furniture. The Bellini Camaleonda Sofa is a creation in which the modules can be easily interconnected thanks to its hook system.

The model created by Mario Bellini is so amazing that it looks spectacular with both fabric and leather upholstery, mostly tan leather. Additionally, from the first time you use it you realize that it’s a highly ergonomic model, in which the details, the proportions, the dimensions and how it was adapted to the human body can provide an optimal user experience. The materials with which this piece is made are first-class and its assembly, as we have explained before, is not so demanding.

The Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

In addition to everything, you can get and add accessories, such as the Bellini Middle Module, Bellini Left Armrest, Bellini Right Armrest, or the Bellini ottoman, which are sold separately and can help you achieve an impressive interior decor. As you can see, the Bellini Camaleonda Collection didn’t become famous for vain reasons, but rather is a marvel of mcm design that can transform the way you use and enjoy your spaces.

3 Tips to make the most out of the LC5 Sofa

Sometimes, just getting that piece of furniture is just not quite enough to make your layout feel fresher or better. Complementary actions are more often than not, required for said furniture to make a noticeable impact. In other words, you just can’t drop a table or sofa right there in a room and expect it to do magic by itself! That’s why we at Manhattan Home Design Reviews, compiled a short list of tips to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your new piece of furniture. This time, we are focusing on the iconic, LC5 Sofa

Le Corbusier LC5 Sofa

1. Give it some company

Let’s start things by making sure your LC5 Sofa is just not there by itself. One Key thing is making sure you pair your LC5 Sofa with similarly designed furniture so it doesn’t feel out of place, but it doesn’t have to be other pieces from Le Corbusier necessarily, it will be okay as long as the room maintains a well-established theme with the furniture. A nice suggestion from us is to pair your LC5 Sofa with two single sofas of the same color and a glass coffee table

2. Not too much company!

It’s important to know that, too many things might become overwhelming if the designated space is too small. You got to make sure you get the right balance of free space, furniture, and decorations. That way you will be able to freely move in the room and still keep your desired decor. You can place a cabinet with pictures and decorations or crockery for showing. A floor lamp is a decent option too for a more cozy feeling at night. You could also place your favorite houseplant next to it for a natural look, or maybe just an end table for more versatility! Just remember, don’t oversaturate your layout with all of this at the same time, especially if it’s rather small

3. Maintain a free flow

This tip goes hand in hand with the before-mentioned tips. It’s crucial to keep free space in the living room so you and your guests can move around without hassle, after all, there will be a lot of movement in a living room! A good rule of thumb for this tip is to maintain around 90cm of free space between furniture and any decoration piece you wish to include

And there you have it, 3 quick and easy tips to maximize your experience with the amazing LC5 Sofa

The LC4 Lounge Chaise: An Iconic Piece That Prevails | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

There are several reasons why the LC4 Lounge Chaise created by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret became a transcendental piece and one of the Mid-Century Modern style icons. Some have called it a “relaxation machine”, and those are not idle ideas. The piece, exhibited for the first time in 1929, a year after it was created, was a highly influential element that didn’t go unnoticed in the eyes of interior decor enthusiasts and was acclaimed by specialized critics, with a resonance that, to this day, it can still be seen. This Manhattan Home Design Reviews entry will allow you to discover in depth one of the most prestigious pieces in the MCM catalog.

According to records, the piece retains a style adopted from Thonet furniture. The tubular steel elements were one of its most outstanding attributes and one of the characteristics that broke the mold since, although the 1920s was a period in which much experimentation was done with this resource, most of its applications were relegated to bistros and hospitals, with an evident absence in the designs of avant-garde furniture pieces.

LC4 Lounge Chair

At first, the public didn’t express a high demand for the futuristic designs, but things changed when, after the presentation of the design at the Salon d’Automne, its production was greatly expanded. Its success was first high in France and, some time later, it spread its popularity to other territories, overcoming more and more borders and, over the years, conquering new generations.

Over the decades, as naturally happens with other successful designs, many models with similar characteristics began to appear on the market, in which the same materials were used. However, Le Corbusier’s original model is preserved as the main reference point for all those products inspired by his. The prestige gained by the lounge chair prompted true lovers of MCM design to locate the authentic piece, with all the features born from the imagination and ingenuity of its creators, taking into account that it’s a piece made to provide a comfortable, ergonomic, and pleasant user experience. A high-class design, made with special care in the details and top-quality materials.

A Chair Made for the Human Body

The LC4 Lounge Chaise was conceived always with the position of the human body in mind first. The sensations that it was capable of transmitting to those who used it seemed to be the most important goal of the project, but without neglecting the aesthetic aspect and its relationship with the rest of the components of an interior layout: architecture, surroundings and prestige. The user was at the center of the design, and the result exceeded expectations, not only because of its excellent functional qualities but also because it looked spectacular from any angle.

Le Corbusier Lounge Chair

The idea on which the design is based is comfort with form and function as the protagonists. The shape of the seat, with a wide, curved silhouette that supports the back and elevates the legs for full body care, is capable of providing optimal relaxation at any angle of inclination. Having an LC4 Lounge Chair in your living room definitely means upgrading your home to the next level.

Manhattan Home Design is on Overstock Sale

Manhattan home design is on “overstock sale” and you can tell in Manhattan Home Design reviews what’s all the fuss about it.
This year,  the Overstock Sale of Manhattan Office Design has the best selection of Mid Century Modern furniture, reaching everything you need for a truly modern home, from bed frames to diner tables, besides the best living room furniture on the market. And if you take a look at the Manhattan Home Design reviews on the Overstock page, you will see how satisfied are our clients. Let’s take a look.

Fior Bed Frame – Queen

This gorgeous piece, with the warm feeling of walnut and its clean-cut silhouette, is an absolute winner in this summer sale. Some Manhattan Home Design Reviews about it:

“Give it a go. A good product. Quality ash. Holds firmly and looks very elegant. Shipped fast. Delivery guys were in a little hurry. Customer support is attentive. All great in the end. Approved.” Charlotte White (4 stars).

“Is great quality strong but light. looks superb in white/clear bedrooms, w/ a leather ottoman and a very thick gorgeous b&w rug.” Kiefer Lee (5 stars)

“Happy with this!. This bed is beautifully designed and very well made. The Walnut wood is stunning”. Michelle S. (5 stars).

Le Corbusier 3 Style Loveseat

A favorite piece of all time, this stunning design is delivered flawlessly in Manhattan Home Design Reviews

great. this really suits my room. it really gained light and elegance since I bought my lc3. it connects with my b&w rug lighting all the place. Saving to get the arco lamp.” Martina (5 stars)

“Fabulous leather grade. I ordered this online and I knew I had to wait 4 weeks. That timing worked for me. I have been using the chair for 3 weeks now and I am very pleased with it.” Renata L. (5 stars).

“Modern Furniture rocks. By far this gorgeous sofa exceeded my expectations. Its glowing, elegant, and very resistant. I couldn’t be more pleased and I think it’s going to be my favorite place in my home from now on.” John (5 stars)

Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

One of the hottest trends of the market over the last years, the Bellini Camaleonda Sofa is part of the Overstock Sale, and Manhattan Home Design reviews couldn’t be happier about it:

Love it. “Love this couch. It exceeds our expectations in how well made it is. Beautiful almond-colored elegant sofa. It is firm but has enough bounce to be comfortable. Delivery was also great.” Alejandra Garcia (5 stars)

“Met my expectations. The sofa is exactly what I was hoping for. I love the color.” William (5 stars).

“Awesome!. I truly appreciate being able to work with the team about the fabric color and the sofa configuration that I needed. I received my 2 sofa/chair and it’s working just like I intended. Thank you!”

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like theBarcelona Chair  or the Barcelona Daybed.

How To Choose The Right Sofa: Le Corbusier 3 Style Loveseat or Gabriola Loveseat

Choosing the right piece of furniture for your needs, tastes, and for your spaces can, sometimes, be a tricky task to do. What if you get a table that doesn’t look that good in small spaces? What if you pick a sofa that is not meant to be used that much? What if the material is not one fit for your lifestyle? In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we will guide you in the decision between these two gorgeous loveseats, the Gabriola Loveseat and the Le Corbusier 3 Style Loveseat. Two great sofas, but with quite different characteristics that you might want to know before deciding on one!

Let’s start with the Gabriola Loveseat

It’s available in Charcoal Ivory Houndstooth and Ivory Boucle, two already very flexible options, no matter the colors. It is upholstered with Bouclé fabric, meaning its durability is standard so you would need to be mindful not to drop something on it (especially if it is white colored!), and depending on your lifestyle and how much time you would spend sitting on it, it may require cleaning sessions

Not a bad sofa in any way though, don’t get us wrong, it is just a little bit more on the sophisticated decor side

Now, talking about the other contender, the Le Corbusier 3 Style Loveseat.

Le Corbusier 3 Style Loveseat

It’s currently available in White leather and also Black leather, two perfectly adaptable colors that fit in any room, regardless of the style in which is decorated, but the two different solid color choices are more important for anyone looking for a specific color. Upholstered in high-grade leather, meaning it will last on average last at least five years longer than its fabric counterpart. No sofa is absolutely perfect of course, leather can be a more resistant material, but you still need to be mindful of its care, although if something like food is dropped on it or it gets dirty, a quick wipe will take care of it.

So, after these two quick reviews of both sofas’ characteristics, we can reach these conclusions:

The Gabriola Loveseat is a more sophisticated, chic, and fashionable sofa that may not be that much of a practical choice for most people looking for an all-around two-seater sofa. While the Le Corbusier 3 Style Loveseat is a more robust, stylish, and iconic loveseat that might be better suited for most home and professional spaces without sacrificing anything, making it the more practical choice

Why Is Le Corbusier’s LC3 Sofa Such an Important and Legendary Design?

Breaking the mold is not usually an easy task. However, when the right ideas come at the right time, the next step is to surprise the world with whatever you have to give. This seems to be the general idea that motivated Le Corbusier, in association with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, to present his famous collection of sofas that in 1928 caused a great sensation among specialized critics and users, especially lovers of the Mid-Century Modern style, who found in this design a revolutionary piece that was unlike anything previously seen. The LC3 Sofa had such an important introduction to the world of modern design that, almost a hundred years later, it has not stopped capturing the interest and taste of many generations. In this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we have set out to let you know the history of this model, a product with a long history of success.

One of the most representative characteristics of the Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa, which also directly broke the conventions of the traditional design of armchairs and sofas, was its outstanding exterior tubular structure, exposed to view throughout the piece’s frame. This resource, which is a compositional part of the design’s aesthetics and makes a magnificent visual contrast with the leather of its upholstery, is one of the reasons why many people are captivated by this very magnetic design at first glance. There are versions of these Le Corbusier pieces with 1, 2, and three seats, and there are also versions with other types of upholstery, such as the tanned leather version, but they all retain the same aesthetic essence and the same functional characteristics.

The LC3 Sofa

A Unique Modernist Experience

The padding of the seats, backrest, and armrest is one of the most significant features that make this product a piece capable of bringing to the users clear sensations of ergonomics and spectacular comfort. As is well known, in modern design not everything revolves around aesthetics, but also around the functionality and practicality with which these pieces of furniture are usually used, so achieving a sofa that feels very good when using it was paramount. The geometric shapes of the design are another of the typical features of the MCM and reflected the creative vision of its author.

The relevance of these products by Le Corbusier is so notable that these pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Design Museum, and are exhibited as a tribute to the basic design principles of the last century that have prevailed through the years and have made that pieces like this are perpetuated in the sales lists, being requested both by professional interior designers and by enthusiastic users of interior decor. They are pieces that work very well in any modern setting and have gained symbolic value due to the meaning they have accumulated over the years.

Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa

Having these pieces as the focal points of an environment can be the perfect step to give a new face to a living room, a studio apartment, or even an office. They are the kind of designs that look good from any angle and that anyone will be able to love almost automatically. Le Corbusier’s collection is available in the Manhattan Home Design catalog.

The Ducaroy Quayside 3 Seater Sofa Fabric: A Different Experience In Your Living Room

Can you remember any piece of furniture from forty or more years ago that is still very well known and sold today? If you are a great connoisseur of furniture design, several products probably come to mind. If you are not very familiar, then get ready to learn, in this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, the profile of one of the most amazing models of modernism: the Togo sofa, especially its Ducaroy Quayside 3 Seater Sofa Fabric version. It’s a product that will probably become a star resource in your living room, and that’s why you should know everything you can do with it.

The Ducaroy sofa was born from the imagination and ingenuity of Michel Ducaroy, and it’s the kind of design that was made to survive the future changing trends in the world of interior design and decor. It must be said that, if that was the most important purpose of its creator, he certainly more than achieved it. Naturally, although some love and others hate this peculiar piece, the fact is that it quickly managed to position itself among the most iconic products in its category. Its plush and striking presence is the most obvious reason why it’s impossible to ignore.

The Ducaroy Sofa

A Sofa Made To Be Admired

It was 1973 when the Togo sofa entered the scene. Its bold style and the spirit of creativity it conveyed earned it the attention of specialized critics. Very soon, it also won the appreciation of the general public, and in a few years it was reigning in hundreds of living rooms around the world. Since then, several versions with different types of upholstery and colors have appeared on the market. In addition, the complete collection is made up of a corner piece, an ottoman, and a fireside chair. Together, this set of pieces completes the Ducaroy collection, a team like no other when it comes to originality and authenticity.

To have a Togo 3-seater sofa fabric at home is to have a piece of furniture that doesn’t look like any average modern design that you can find in any catalog. It’s a design with such a marked identity that it becomes difficult to even try to imitate. Its dimensions, plump cushions, cozy folds, touch-friendly finishes, and its “bent toothpaste tube” shape set it apart from any conventional archetype and make it the kind of piece you won’t easily find in any modern living room. If one thing is certain, it’s that your friends will not forget this sofa so easily, especially after having used it.

The Togo Sofa

Elegance and ergonomics are two ingredients that are essential for many users, and it’s not always possible to find them in any modernist design. The Togo sofa is that and more because it’s such an iconic piece that it has gained a great symbolic value and represents with great success the key points of modernism: minimalism, practicality, comfort, and a character of disinhibition with which many users will feel identified. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best alternatives that you’ll get out there.

Reasons to get a Platner Table 47 inch | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Choosing the right sofa or chair for your room is just as important as choosing the right table for your living room, porch, or yard, and if you choose a glass table, you have to make sure it is of excellent quality or you might get into trouble later. At Manhattan Home Design Reviews we help you choose by giving you a nice suggestion, the always elegant Platner Table 47 inch

If you’re interested in getting to know more about the wonderful features of this round glass table and watch it can offer you, be sure to stick with us until the end to get all the information

Boasting its graceful round-shaped glass top, it definitely gives off an aura of luxury and class that remains unmatched

Why the Platner Table 47 inch?

While there is not a “best choice” because all materials and shapes have pros and cons, here are some of the many benefits of choosing a rounded glass table instead of a metal or wood one

Being made of 3/8″ thick; extra durable tempered glass, not only means it’s very durable but also means that it can be combined with most chairs and it won’t be a problem

Glass tables tend to be more versatile in a way that it allows them to be used indoors as well as outdoors without any inconveniences

Platner Table 47 inch

It does wonders with small places. The glass gives you a sensation that not that much space is being used thanks to the transparency. The Platner Table 47 inch excels in this area, being helpful without sacrificing style

Most glass tables provide an important boost to any room or space looking to feel more modern. But not only that, the base of the Platner Table 47 inch also emits an aura of sophisticated looks that leaves people mesmerized with its original design

Being round-shaped, it favors the sense of familiarity by allowing all of the users to be at the same distance from each other, so as long as you’re sitting at the table with other people chatting or sharing a snack, that feeling of closeness to the others is assured

Round tables have the advantage of being able to allow more people to sit at them than you may think, and the Platner Table 47 inch is no exception. More people at the table means more chances to have a pleasant conversation and interactions with your loved ones

And there you have it, more than enough reasons to give the Platner Table 47 inch a chance to make your spaces better. Truly, a table for everyone

Give your room a cozy feeling with a quality bed frame | The Fiord Bed Frame

Our bedroom is probably one of the most important places that needs to be well organized and has to feel comfortable, after all, we spend a lot of time in it, be it sleeping or even working sometimes. One of the key factors to feel at ease is, choosing the right bed frame for you, and here at Manhattan Home Design Reviews we will help you make the right choice for an amazing bed frame

When choosing a bed frame, the material is primordial and, often overlooked by many, this is a mistake because you got to make sure it is resistant but also that it matches with the room. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong with wood or walnut because it is very resistant and fits in most places with elegance

The Fiord Bed Frame checks all of these points with its walnut or ash veneer, comfortable looks, sturdiness, and more.

Wonderful features

One of its most remarkable features is its design based on traditional Danish works made of teak. It gives the Fiord Bed Frame a European vibe that you will most definitely feel as soon as you get it.

Mid-century modern looks for bedrooms and rooms in general, are here to stay for a long time. Clean lines, muted tones, a combination of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes, vibrant colors, and integrating indoor and outdoor motifs. Unsurprisingly, the Fiord Bed Frame checks out all of these elements, making it a must-have if you’re looking for that kind of style. But not only that, another important feature of this amazing bed frame is, believe it or not, adjustability and flexibility. Let’s say you’re not that into the Mid-century modern wave of style, or in any “wave” in general, well, The Fiord Bed Frame still fits perfectly fine because of its walnut veneer that actually matches pretty well with most bedroom designs unless you go for something very specific

Security and safety are primordial for every single person, even more on something like a bed frame, that is why this one comes with metal brackets that hold the standard quality frame, its legs are made of solid American walnut wood with a slight outward angle to guarantee a deep sleep, and also features the European flexible slat system that provides targeted lower back and knee support as well as targeted shoulder and hip relief.

Honestly, after going over all of the benefits and features of the Fiord Bed Frame, we can definitely say that it is a great addition if you’re looking for a modern, sturdy, and classic product