The Beauty of MCM Furniture In Mad Men | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

If you’re familiar with the AMC show Mad Men you’ve probably noticed how all the design and furniture pieces have this certain look to them. And if you’ve never watched the period piece, it was basically a drama about the age of ad agencies and the powerful men who worked at them. But it also provided a glimpse into the culture of the 1960s onward, as the show followed an extremely talented ad executive and his trial and tribulations. It was one of the most talked about shows from 2007 to 2015, when it finally ended. While many will remember it’s main character Don Draper (played by the Jon Hamm), design enthusiasts (and Manhattan Home Design reviews fans) are often mesmerized by the beautiful furniture pieces!

Manhattan home design reviews

As a site devoted to Mid Century Modern (MCM) furniture, we can’t help but fall in love with every single piece of furniture the show featured! Every week was new eye-candy for MCM fans like us and those who write all the wonderful Manhattan Home Design reviews on our MCM-inspired pieces! In the eight years that the show ran, design professionals would use the show’s pieces (conceived by Dan Bishop, the show’s production designer) as inspiration for their own clients who wanted to achieve the exact look they saw in certain episodes. Once can even argue that Mad Men is what made MCM so popular these days!

Manhattan home design reviews

Designers everywhere were tasked with design jobs that mimicked Don Drapper’s office or his MCM-filled home (and later apartment), making manufacturers and retailers quick to capitalize on the trendy pieces that the show was featuring. But the thing with MCM pieces is that they’re anything but cheap, which is why we want to bring back MCM for the masses with our inspired pieces that look just like the real thing at more attainable prices. Look up any of our Manhattan Home Design reviews and you’ll see that our furniture isn’t some half-assed imitation, but quality pieces that look and feel just like the real thing!

We’re providing MCM fans the ability to copy their favorite Mad Men looks without having to break the bank because we have a passion for MCM design and want to share it with the world! We saw the beauty of MCM in Mad Men, just as many of our fans that leave Manhattan Home Design reviews on our site did, and were inspired by each of the retro pieces.

Manhattan Home Design Review on Mid Century Modern Apartment

manhattan home design reviews

You finally observed it the ideal mid-century contemporary upper East aspect loft that would make Don Draper weep into his whiskey. The natural mild is pouring in via the ground-to-ceiling windows facing the Park, the hardwood flooring are sparkling and the extensive expanse of white walls are just begging.

You cannot wait to have guests over to christen the wet bar. However first, furnishings. How do you create a livable, secure area that enhances the clean strains as opposed to weigh down or a setting that doesn’t inhibit the layout? Luckily, the mid century cutting-edge aesthetics celebrate consolation, simple luxury and excessive high-quality. The sofa is arguably the most essential and most used piece in any mid century home. It is by miles an investment that receives super price-according to-use and is secure, durable and subtly elegant.

The white Le Corbusier sofa sofa suits all the three standards mentioned and with a pleasingly reasonable price tag too. The genuine Italian leather-based is a smooth and the chrome steel finishes perfectly offset the brilliant white fabric. The added bonus is, the ability to make the couch into a bed just by a push. And with area at a premium in new york city, multi-purpose pieces are the most effective. A small (however strong) detail of the couch is how well designed the back of it is (it could also be cooler than the front!). The well crafted yet functional aspect of furniture is an indicator of mid century cutting-edge layout. To shove the sofa towards a wall could be a cardinal sin of mid century modern-day design concepts.  The furniture should glide simply so in a space to make its presence recognized.

However, if you are reading in the luxury of your Chair, you will want some mild light to accompany your reading. And where the ground lamps are concerned, there may be best one choice – the Arco lamp replica. What a scene-stealer!

manhattan home design reviews

The Arco lamp replica is just another instance of the mid-century modern day design. Elevating both form and function, the Acro lamp is an at once recognizable mid century current staple. The Carrara Italian marble base offers the Arco lamp replica a further push of luxury. The lamp’s dramatic arch is dynamic and could be used to illuminate any space. To finish the dwelling room installation, you may need only a pair of Barcelona chair reproductions at once opposite the couch and a Tribeca espresso table on the other.

manhattan home design reviews

The Barcelona chair embodies the well-known maxim, “Less is more”. With its easy lines and occasional profile, making it an ideal seating solution for a mid century present day dwelling room, its tufted leather-based and sleek, slightly curved stainless-steel base, the Barcelona chair replica is aerodynamic and understated. The L-shaped layout of the Barcelona chair reproduction creates an inviting and aesthetically desirable space. A coffee table with a glass top adds another layer of texture.The tulip table with four Saturn dining chairs are a cheery, playful solution to mid-century present day needs.

The design of the desk and chairs is immediately both retro and futuristic (you may see the set inside the Brady Bunch domestic or on the Jetsons). Those pieces are of conventional design, blending easily into the mid century modern home. Plus, while a dining room table is practical and vital, the set needs little space, making it an apparent preference for a NYC rental. Finish off the dining region with an Artichoke Chandelier (designed through Poul Henningsen in 1958) to create an inspiring mid century modern vignette.

manhattan home design reviews

With classic pieces like the Le Corbusier Sofa, the Arco Lamp replica, the Tulip table and the Saarinen Womb lounge chair filling your floor plan, your abode is a heavenly haven.

Take advantage of the design World with the Egg Chair

When you’re looking for different and unique pieces that feel exciting enough to start a conversation, you need to consider some pieces of furniture that are original works of art. Factors like shape, upholstery materials, color, and overall atmosphere are crucial to the impact said pieces can make on your living room and rooms in general. Today is Black Friday, and one of the deals you can take advantage of is the Egg Chair. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a look at the beautiful marvel of the European design, the Egg Chair is here to stay. Strongly consider it, as it is a solid work of art!

egg chair

What are some tips to make the most of the Egg Chair?

One of the best places to put the Egg Chair is, definitely, that room designated to be the room where your work, browse the web or social media, or that room where you watch movies. why is it? it is because the egg chair provides that distinctive look of “the comfy but elegant chair” meaning that it fits really well in places where you want the order and style of organization/tidiness required to feel in a productive space

If you want to feel like a boss on your desktop, the egg chair is a required asset. You know those characteristic chairs that bosses, villains, and very important people use? well, one of the design keys of the egg chair is precisely that is looks like that, and will make you feel satisfied and even more important. High status, if you will

The missing piece for your mid-century modern setup

If you look for living room styles that are characteristically imponent and everyone likes, then you are looking for the mid-century modern living room style. Shell chairs, Florence Knoll Sofas, and Wood bookshelves are among the interesting mcm factors. But honestly, if you want to achieve layouts like this with even more versatility, the Egg Chair is a must-have in this modern world where everything is fast and we all need fast solutions and answers to our design needs

Arne Jacobsen really hit the exact spot when designing this wonderful chair that does more than it appears!

And there you have it! a very brief look at the characteristics and features of the Egg Chair and why you would definitely benefit a lot from getting it today at Manhattan Home Design’s Black Friday Sale!

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Flag Halyard Chair: The Ultimate Expression of Authenticity | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Originality… The jackpot that many interior designers and decoration enthusiasts seem obsessed with, but few actually get. Even some masters of furniture design like Hans Wegner dared to go further with pieces like the Flag Halyard Chair. In this Manhattan Home Design Reviews post, we want to let you know why this is one of the most legendary pieces in history.

That chair meant a break in the pattern of his designs. Until then, had been mostly made of wood, in a catalog that included more than five hundred models. Originality has a price, and that of the famous Dane was daring to try new materials and techniques that were reflected in a product that didn’t seem his creation, but that had successful results in every way.

The Flag Halyard Chair

Every person, even if they’re not lovers of interior design or don’t have much experience, is called to find their style, preferences, and be original as far as possible. Knowledge is not all, and although recipes tend to work very well in many cases, the mission will always be to find “your own voice” that guides you to achieve favorable and unique environments.

It’s not enough to just take note of what the greats have done, try to imitate their work, or walk the same path. Breaking molds, finding new techniques, and rethinking outlines are achievements that get visible in every aspect of the job.

The Meaning of Having a Great Chair

The living room is a key area when it comes to originality. It’s practically the most important place in the house, in aesthetic terms. It represents the cover letter of the whole place, and it’s the compartment in which your guests, friends, and family will put their attention first, and they will have that valuable first impression about your decorating skills.

Finding a Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair in your house is an excellent first sign for anyone who loves modern designs, especially if it’s a person with knowledge about the most famous pieces within this trend. Although it’s a very recognizable chair, it’s not the type of piece that you’d find in every modern environment.

Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair

Arguably, the most common trend is to choose sturdy, overstuffed accent chairs with sophisticated upholstery and a style perhaps very close to that of the sofa you’ve picked. A Flag Halyard Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design can work very well both indoors and outdoors.

Depending on each area’s configuration, the colors you’ve chosen, the predominant materials, and the lighting design, among other factors, a chair as striking as this can easily become the focal point. In other words, the most striking spot in the place, which will attract all eyes.

Modern Flag Halyard Chair

The interesting flag line woven that makes up the seat and back of the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction is one of its most remarkable attributes, but maybe the ultimate detail in all its structure and finishes is the sheepskin cover that sets it apart from any similar piece.

In fact, its reclined-beach-chair-look is probably because it was conceived on a sunny summer afternoon by the sea but, its details, like that soft, delicate finish and the leather-upholstered cushion that set it apart from others rest chairs, reaffirmed it as the original piece that the genius Danish set out to create.

Get the Most of The Wegner Genius With Manhattan Home Design Reviews

We are just days away from Black Friday, and it finally looks like we are on the verge of a proper celebration of the traditional Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. If you have any doubts about how to get the most out of this traditional sale date, Manhattan Home Design Reviews has good advice for you.

If you are a Mid Century Modern enthusiast, you know already that Manhattan Home Design gets you closer to your desired pursuits with the best solutions for a stylish and modern place. Let’s take a look to some bright and useful comments about the bests furniture pieces in the market.

The Classic Charm of Hans Wegner

A Wegner will always make you look good.

Whether it is for you or for someone you care about, the eternal, perdurable beauty of the work of Hans Wegner is always welcomed. In your diner room, your living room, or even your patio, there are always classic pieces by this prolific Danish Master that will enhance and will bring balance to your décor. And the Manhattan Home Design Reviews are crystal clear.

The Shell Chair. An icon of the Accent chair.

A great classic that remains the image of an accent piece. With its particular figure, the Manhattan Home Design Reviews are very clear about it.

“Beautiful. We love this chair! It’s really comfortable and looks beautiful—exactly what we were hoping. It seems solid and well-made. We recommend it highlyAnne.

“Fantastic!. Recently order this Shell chair and I am very happy with it. It matches the rest of my mid-century modern living room so nicely :)” Brad.

Very Beautiful. Heard about these guys through a friend that lives in New York, their products are very beautiful. Good thing I found them really”. Marybeth Fama

The Flag Halyard Chair. Unmistakable and original.

Hans Wegner had this fantastic idea one day at the beach. And you can see how the comfort that this chair projects take us to wonderful beach days. The Manhattan Home Design Reviews are clear about it.

“Striking. This chair is a work of art. I saw an original in a museum 30 years ago and it has haunted me since then. I don’t want to sit in it because I like to look at it. But actually, it’s great to lounge in too. 🙂 It arrived perfectly constructed. I replaced the sheepskin with one of mine from an Icelandic sheep. I like the way the bits of black look with the black head cushion”. L.D.

“Enjoying with my Chair. Enjoying the mid-century look that this gives to my apartment. The price seems a little high when you compare it to other items they sell here, but when you get the product you end up satisfied.” Ashley Tucker.

Ultimate. The chair is really good I feel really relaxed, can use for as many long hours we want”. Demetria

This Black Friday, get the most for your place with Manhattan Home Design.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture.

Womb Chair and Ottoman: The European Design is a Strong Contender

To achieve the ideal layout in your home and spaces in general, decor needs to be firmly aligned with peace of mind and comfort! and very few pieces of furniture are capable of this specific but broad task. Home decor is vital and never should be underestimated, so today, in this entry of manhattan home design reviews, we take a look at the Womb Chair and Ottoman combo, a great way to furnish your living room spaces with a comfortable style that is also full of versatility

Eero Saarinen really hit the exact spot for the right demographic with this exciting design

Womb Chair and ottoman
Womb Chair and Ottoman

Let’s talk about the mind behind the Womb Chair and Ottoman

Eero Saarinen was born on August 20th, 1910, in Kirkkonummi, Finland—died on September 1st, 1961, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.- Finnish-born American architect who was one of the leaders in a trend toward exploration and experiment in American architectural design during the 1950s. He is possibly best known for his design of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Saarinen was also a furniture designer and designed such pieces as the Tulip Chair and of course, the Womb Chair

Let’s get to the tips and tricks

This particular womb chair is cataloged as a lounge chair due to its intrinsic features, and that also means that it shares the same usefulness. One of the best tips for the Womb Chair and ottoman is that you can use it long-term thanks to its comfortable feeling. You can easily fall asleep in it and you will wake up without problems

You can place it in your living room, and bedroom too

The shape and architecture of the womb chair are one of its strongest points, but what does it mean? it means that it comes off as a versatile chair in terms of placement because it fits without any problems in most spaces. Be it the living room, bedroom, game room, or study room. The Womb Chair and Ottoman are a really safe choice for new people and experts in the world of home design

You can create a small modernist layout with ease

With the implementation of a bookshelf, a coffee table, a floor lamp, and the womb chair and ottoman, you have one of the coziest and most effective modernist setups you can afford!

And there you have it, a short synthesis of the womb chair and ottoman and some brief tips for you to take and make the most of it!

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The Togo Sofa: An Irreverent Design? | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Michel Ducaroy’s Togo sofa has been the talk of the town for generations. Over time, it became one of the undeniable benchmarks of the Mid-Century Modern style, and there are those who cannot speak of modernism as a trend without mentioning this particular design. It’s worth a close look for a moment; That’s why, in this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we want you to think with us about why this piece can be considered “irreverent” for the context of its time and why it still looks so original after several decades since its launch.

The Togo Sofa

It’s true that since it first appeared, many people had something to say about the Ducaroy sofa, mainly because it was unlike anything they had seen before. The French creator knew that at that time (1973) the way of designing sofas was too tied to certain guidelines, paradigms, archetypes, and market rules. For this reason, practically all modern sofa models had much in common and fell into the same category due to their great similarities. Many innovated in materials, details, and sometimes superficial aesthetic aspects, but no one had taken such a risky leap.

Overcoming Barriers

After the launch of the Togo sofa, many were intimidated by being in the presence of an object that was tremendously ahead of its time. It was a fascinating, interesting, novel… the type of sofa that you wouldn’t expect to find in a living room, but that was still appealing and with an undeniable magnetism. Its popularity spread, and as soon as consumers, design enthusiasts and lovers of modernism discovered the benefits of this piece, they began to testify to its greatness. In a few words, it can be said that using a Ducaroy sofa is a very particular experience: it’s like sitting on a cloud.

The Ducaroy Sofa

The pillow shape that makes up its structure was its main hook. The author himself said that the design was “a tube of toothpaste folded over on itself like a stovepipe and closed at both ends”, a description that represented a direct testimony of that irreverence to which we have been referring, which aroused the fascination of the users. It didn’t take long for people to discover that the Togo sofa’s raison d’être had nothing to hide: it was a model made for comfort, in which you can sit or lie on all day, that looked amazing from any angle, and from the first glance you already knew that it wouldn’t go out of style so soon.

Michel Ducaroy Sofa

The three densities of high-quality polyether foam that make up the body of this model are combined to make the frame and deliver an ergonomic design for true enveloping comfort. The Togo sofa has very outstanding details, such as its superior craftsmanship, and its soft and durable chenille fabric, stain resistant and easy to clean. The sofa ended up becoming the favorite of children, pets, adults, and the best friend of your guests in the house and even the office. In conclusion: it’s an irreverent sofa, yes, but in the best way imaginable.

The Michel Ducaroy sofa and many other models are available in the Manhattan Home Design catalog.

LC2 Chair – A Luxurious and Timeless Piece of Art

It has been talked about a lot in this blog, but it is a worthy and fine piece of furniture that deserves to be talked about a lot in different ways! The LC2 Chair is one of the most influential and iconic pieces made by Lecorbusier back in 1929 and is still very valid and greatly elegant. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a look at the beautiful LC2, its features, and what it can give to your living room and spaces in general.

The LC2 Chair, which was created to facilitate discussion, was displayed in 1929 at the Salon d’Automne in Paris as the prototype of the contemporary concept in furniture. Its creators described it as “home equipment” and it is definitely that, more than a furniture piece, but an ally in the mid-century modern design world, capable of shifting an entire layout

LC2 Chair
LC2 Chair

Technical features of the LC2 Chair

Has a stainless steel frame that guarantees durability and safety, and transmits a sense of quality. Upholstered in premium black leather that is resistant and feels really soft, also thanks to its Polyurethane foam that meets the standard in terms of expected satisfaction. General dimensions: Height of 28 inches, width of 26 inches and a depth of 28 inches. 

Quick tips to make the most of it

Looking to design an exciting setup that combines mid-century modern with minimal modernism? This chair is one of the KEY pieces you should consider. To create a minimalist layout that ensures the best use of available space and the proper arrangement inside your home or workplace, it is advised to pair this single chair with its little two-seater and even the three-seater variant. The best things come in pairs, and if you get a pair of LC2 Chairs and combine it with an LC2 Loveseat or LC2 Sofa for a more complete experience

The LC2 Chair as the main piece for your living room is something you could consider too

Talking about the mastermind behind it

Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret started working together at the new rue de Sèvres, Paris, atelier in 1922. They had a close and long-lasting professional connection in which they shared research projects and design standards. The two decided to enlist the help of Charlotte Perriand, a young architect who had already started to gain notoriety on the local architectural scene, in October 1927. Their partnership, which lasted until 1937, was very successful, especially in the area of furniture design.

And there you have it, a quick resume of the LC2 chair and its features. A strong contender for the designer furniture spot in your living room!

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Early Black Friday is Here. Get the Most of It With Manhattan Office Design Reviews.

Black Friday is just days away, but if you can’t wait, take advantage of this Early  Black Friday sale of Manhattan Home Design. If you are looking for some guidance, the Manhattan Home Design Reviews are a  great way to get you closer to your desired pursuits with the best solutions,  for a stylish place. Let’s take a look at some bright and useful comments about the bests furniture pieces in the market.

The Best Renditions in Modern Lounge Chairs

Large Mid-Century Classic Lounge Chair.

This beautiful classic is definitely one of the favorite pieces for many people that enjoy the unlimited comfort of this gorgeous chair in their living rooms. The Manhattan Home Design Reviews are crystal clear:

“The perfect gift. My hubby loved it since the very first time. big, comfortable, so great to get your snap. Now I want one for me. improve delivery”. Jenny.

“Strech your legs and enjoy. This was perfect for me, just sit, stretch and relax with your smartphone after hours, really good price and good quality. You get what pay for. Totally recommended. Other colors be great”. John Foster.

Florence Arm Chair Leather

Hardly there is a chair with more prestige than the Florence Arm Chair Leather. This legendary piece designed by Florence Knoll is one of the standard pieces of modern furniture, whether at your home or office. Manhattan Home Design Reviews express it very well:

“Accuracy to design. If you are into the modern design you know that a Florence chair is a classic. This rendition by Manhattan is carefully realized and loyal to the original design. Comfortable and beautiful, it fits perfectly in my private office. Highly recommendable.” Syd Anderson.

“Finally!! It took me 3 attempts to finally find a quality replica for my clients. Very pleased with Manhattan Home Design for the quality and service provided. Kelsey F.

Egg Chair

One of the most iconic furniture shapes in history, how many times have we seen this sophisticated piece in movies, album covers, and so on? Manhattan Home Design Reviews tell us about the appreciation of the Egg Chair:

“Polished. The attention to detail is great. Very polished product. I bought two for my studio room and they gave it a welcoming vibe”. Luciana

Best online purchase to date. I’ve been using it every day since it arrived and I couldn’t be happier. Might get another one for my fiance” Jordan Anselmo

This early Black Friday may be your best chance to get the most of your place with Manhattan Home Design.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture.

5 Reasons That Make The Arco Lamp a Desirable Product | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

When it comes to iconic designs, the Arco lamp has a lot to offer. Not in vain is it one of the best-selling and most prestigious products in the world. In this edition of Manhattan Home Design reviews, we want to explain that point and simply give you 5 reasons why this design may be exactly the modern floor lamp that you were hoping to find on your way:

The Arco Lamp

1.- It’s a highly functional design. And we mean it. It seems incredible how a floor lamp design can adapt so well to environments as different as the study, the living room, the dining room, and even the bedroom. As you can see, since it’s a fixture created to improve task-based lighting, you can use it for specific activities and make these places even more efficient.

2.- Its Carrara marble base. For some, it may seem like an extravagance, but the truth is that the function of this amazing piece of marble is not only aesthetic: it’s also what gives support, firmness, and balance to the entire structure of the lamp and makes it much easier to move, thanks to the hole that its designers very cleverly added. Also, haven’t you seen how beautiful it looks?

The Carrara Marble Base

3.- Its dimensions. Very functional floor lamps usually have large dimensions, and this is no exception. In fact, it is its 95-inch height (at the highest part of the arch) that allows it to efficiently provide overhead light. This is something that, at the time of its launch, was not seen in any other lamp in its category, especially since the user can move freely around its reflector head, thanks to its wide distance from the base. It is a lamp that will make things easier for you.

4.- Its imposing steel arch. When you see it gleaming in the middle of your living room or any other area you decide to use it in, you’ll understand why this steel arch has so much aesthetic value. Its shimmery finish will add sparkle, pizzazz and a touch of rare elegance to any layout it’s a part of, which is an amazing bonus. The combination of stainless steel with Carrara marble also represents one of the most outstanding successes of this design.

The Arco Floor Lamp

5.- Its iconic value. There’s no lover of the Mid-Century Modern style who has not heard of the famous Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers or who has seen dozens of models inspired by it. The Arco floor lamp is not only practically the most famous lamp of Italian origin in the world, but it’s also a benchmark within its style, which means added value for collectors, specialists, and admirers of good taste.

If these five reasons are not enough to understand why the Arco lamp should be in your home or office, we invite you to discover them yourself, giving it a vote of confidence and making it your new great acquisition. We assure you that you won’t remain indifferent.

Barcelona Chair – A quick synthesis of its high status

When you look at modern and classic furniture you can tell which is more influential because of the intrinsic features it has. Things like design, architecture, elegance, and shapes are very important to take into consideration, but one key factor that determines the power, status, and influence of certain pieces of furniture, is the history behind them. In this entry of manhattan home design reviews we take a look at the Barcelona chair, its influence and the power it conveys and provides to your living room and spaces in general, and why you should give it a chance. After this quick rundown, you will probably go and get it

Barcelona chair
Barcelona Chair

Origins of the Barcelona Chair

Ancient Roman civilization invented many of the things we use today: architecture, political concepts, infrastructure, and yes, even furniture! in this case, we refer to the curule

A curule seat is a design of a (usually) foldable and transportable chair noted for its uses in Ancient Rome and Europe through to the 20th century. Its status in early Rome as a symbol of political or military power carried over to other civilizations, as it was also used in this regard by kings in Europe, Napoleon, and others.


A contemporary throne, the Barcelona Chair and matching stool were popular designs. The curule chair, a folding seat with curving legs and no back that originated in ancient Rome and was meant for high-ranking government officials, is said to have been the design inspiration for the fundamental scissor form of the frame, and you can definitely see the resemblance in the leg design and architecture

When the Barcelona Chair and collection was revealed as part of the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona, the king and queen of pain were among the attendees and, the designer Mies van der Rohe totally nailed the design that appealed to the royalty.

Let’s talk about the features of the Barcelona Chair

Upholstered in premium brown aniline leather that feels as quality as the original deal. Stainless steel frame. Straps for comfort and safety seating. Anti-rust technology. Anti-floor scratch measures. High-density foam and many small quality-of-life features make up a masterpiece of a furniture piece

The Barcelona chair can fit the role of those living room chairs that complement your larger sofa in the living room, but can also work very well as a single chair closer to a small table, perfect for a quick book-reading session

And there you have it, a look and synthesis of the history, influence, and features of the Barcelona chair

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LC2 Chair: Much More Than You Can Imagine | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

We wanted to dedicate this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews to the LC2 Chair by Le Corbusier for several reasons: it’s an iconic piece, an incredibly elegant modern chair, and such a comfortable and ergonomic seat that its designer studied human anatomy when giving it form. There are some other reasons that you’ll discover throughout this text. We invite you to find out the wonders of this piece and to quickly and easily understand why it’s still much more than an accent chair.

The Lc2 Chair

The LC2 chair is a legendary design that’s part of the collection made up of other pieces of a similar nature. It’s filled with high-quality quilted upholstery to ensure great comfort, capable of lasting for generations and being part of any MCM style you want to integrate into. Probably, the decorative chair that most modernism enthusiasts would like to have in their spaces.

Few things are as pleasurable as sitting in a modern chair with thick cushions and upholstered in premium leather. There are many users who declare that they have experienced such pleasant sensations with this design and that, alone, is one of the reasons why it became one of the best-known references within its style. Today, displaying the Le Corbusier collection in your living room or office is a statement of style and taste for modernism. The LC2 Chair is one of the clearest examples of how and why a Mid-Century Modern design can be timeless and highly versatile.

Le Corbusier 2 Style Chair

The piece was designed in 1928 and stood out a year later, at the Salon d’Autumn in Paris. The collection of which it’s part was the product of the collaboration between Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, and Pierre Jeanneret. One of the features that have always attracted the attention and the eyes of all kinds of people is its interesting outer frame made of tubular steel. It isn’t something that is found in every model of chair or sofa, and that produces a great visual impact from the first encounter.

An Iconic Chair

Many people who don’t have much experience in interior decor or don’t have much knowledge about furniture design may believe that these creations were made recently, when the most overwhelming truth is that they are already well on their way to a hundred years since they came out to the market for the first time. This way, when a product becomes so relevant to the point that it has even appeared in comic strips, you know you are dealing with a legendary design. It’s exciting to discover that Le Corbusier’s LC2 chair is still in people’s minds as a key piece of modernism.

Discover everything this chair can do for your layout and your floor plan, especially if you accompany it with the rest of the extraordinary pieces in this collection. The Le Corbusier collection is available in the Manhattan Home Design catalog.