Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Office Chair Replicas Pricing & Features Comparison

Specification Manhattan Home Design Others
Price Range $389 – $399 $399 – $425
Dimensions Meets architectural specifications of the original design by Charles Eames Dimensions are not in sync with the original. Lacks attention to detail.
Color To ensure, the chairs get in with any kind of decor, there are two color variants available: Black and White Mostly available only in black
Frame The chair is constructed in superior grade steel (#304 grade) for stronger support and resistance to chipping, corrosion and rust and polished to a mirror finish Frame is chrome plated to a shiny blue-tint finish.The chrome plating process of metals is an unsafe manufacturing process and when scratched or chipped, the steel will rust and it cannot be easily repaired.
Upholstery 100% Full Grain European Italian Leather Upholstery Low Grade Italian leather
Amenity True to the original design, the Eames Office Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design offers perfect tilt, full swivel mechanism and a feature for height adjustment Unlike the original, these replicas only have a height adjustment feature making the chair inconvenient to use
Base Five star base with protection, safeguard your flooring from any scratches. Five star base with nil protection, ruining the flooring in the long run.



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